Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Express Stuff!

I ordered a few items from Express again last week and they were delivered tonight.  I can't help it, they keep sending me these discount cards in the mail then I go online and look... and buy...

Oh well, at least I use them a ton for work.  And some for casual wear too.

This time I got 5 things, and 3 of them I really like.  1 I need to exchange for a different size, and another I am iffy about.

First the ones I like:

Metallic Stripe Ruffle-Front Blouse - I tried this one on in the store and loved it.  But decided to buy online because there were other sale items online I wanted that were not in the store anymore.  I wanted to combine all my purchases because I had to spend over a certain $ amount in order to get my coupon to work.  The color I bought is called "Stone".  It also comes in Crystal Gray which also looks very nice and it's a toss up which I like better.  But I don't have anything else in this color so I opted for this. I tried this in size XS and S in the store and liked the fit of the S better because it is longer.  So that's the size I ordered online.  It's semi see-through and has these subtle metallic stripes in the fabric.  It's a good shirt to wear to work (with a tank top under), because it will go with all the different colored bottoms I have whether pants or skirts.  So I can't wait to wear this one.

I also got this Metallic Mesh Stitch Dolman in color Cool Earth.  It's such a cool shirt.  I got this one in size XS and it's still loose fitting.  But like a good loose, not baggy and formless.  I really like the color.  I think in person it is a little darker than the picture shows on my computer screen.  It's got open stitching so you definitely need to wear a tank under.  

I ordered another Ribbed Drape Neck Sweater because I love the one I have so much that I bought about a month ago in purple shadow.  Now it's on sale for $29 so this time I got a black one which is great to have in this style because when I can't decide what to wear, it will always be a safe choice.  I actually don't have many black tops for work since I wear mostly dark pants in black or very dark gray.  So this will be a happy addition.  I actually kind of want another one of these, we'll see!  I got a size S in this which is the same as the other one I have.  But I think size XS would work too.  I feel like my other one might have stretched out a little after a few wears since it feels much looser than the black.  Maybe I should put it in the dryer next time I wash it to shrink it a little.

I finally decided to get another pair of my beloved Editor Wide Waistband pants.  I started buying these when they first came out with the wide waistband design about 2 years ago or so.  They are all I wear to work because they are so comfy and are very flattering.  I know these have been really popular so Express has made many other colors.  But I haven't bought a pair in a while since I have enough to last me.  But I needed a different shade to branch out from my blacks and grays.  So I ordered a pair in Cool Earth which is the same color as the Metallic Stitched Dolman above.  I really like this color.  I don't normally like browns, so cool earth is as brown as I'd go.  It's really not brown at all though.  I think this color will look great with the Stone Metallic Stripe shirt I just got.

I know that all my Editor Wide Waistband pants are in size 00.  But I'm really not a size 00 in other stores.  Last time I was in an Express store I actually tried a pair of the new Editor Wide Waistband pants and felt that they ran a lot smaller.  I definitely am not a size 00 in them anymore and I didn't bother trying on other sizes since I was in a hurry.  So when I ordered online I just got a size 0.  I can button and zip it up but I feel that it is a little too tight.  I hate tight pants.  I'm going to the store after work tomorrow to try on size 2 and 4 to see which is better.  It's kind of annoying they changed their sizing this much though.  Their vanity sizing was getting pretty ridiculous so I think it's definitely the right way to go to change the sizing to what they *should* be.  But I'm annoyed I have to make an unnecessary trip.  I hope I don't get tempted to spend more money while there.

Ok so this last item I am not sure about.  It's the Cuffed Tie-Neck shirt in whisper pink.  It's a button down shirt with the tie over that covers the buttons, and kind of resembles a tie.  I love the design and the cuffed sleeves.  It's a gorgeous color which incidentally looks really good with Cool Earth.  It's also very similar to my new Ivanka Trump shoes in pink!  But the shirt fits sooooo big!  I got it in size XS since it looks so baggy on the model.  But even XS is super big and frumpy looking.  And it's not just the body, it's the shoulders too.  It looks like I bought a shirt that's 2 sizes too big for me.  I actually think it's the same size as my fiance's dress shirts.  It's very long too.  But when you try tucking it into the pants like how they styled the model, it looks much much better.  I hate tucking shirts into pants though because it requires too much fussing.  Also since this shirt is so long, there's just too much material to pack into the pants.  But that is the only way to wear this shirt and make it look cute.  So I think I'll take this one to get exchanged for a different shirt as well, hopefully in the same color.  I know the fit is meant to be this big, but it doesn't look cute on me like it does on the model.

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