Monday, April 16, 2012

Lululemon Run: Energy SL Tank in Angel Blue!

Lookie lookie what arrived in the mail right before summer!  My latest eBay score - the Energy SL tank in angel blue!  I have this tank in potion purple that the Brentwood store gave me to test out when it first came out.  I used to live in Brentwood a few blocks away from the store so I knew pretty much everyone that worked there because I went there way too often.  They were so awesome!  I've gotten head bands and socks from other stores but Brentwood is the only store that ever gave me tanks lol.  I immediately fell in love with the Energy SL tank!  Actually, a little while after I received that tank, I was at the store again and almost bought the angel blue one.  But I was with my husband (back then he was just my boyfriend!) and he was being impatient, telling me we had to go so I put the tank back.  I regretted that ever since but it was sold out and nowhere to be found... until now 2 years later!

I'm so glad because I love this tank!  It's very light weight and great for running.  I don't always feel like wearing the potion purple one since it has writing on the front.  I love how the angel blue one is solid and more low-key.  I've always loved angel blue.  Definitely will be wearing this one a lot!  The weather here has been crazy.  Last week it was cold and rainy, and this week it will be in the high 80s!  It seems that summer is arriving, and light weight breathable tanks will definitely be appreciated.


  1. He was lucky your boyfriend. I would avoid buying a lululemon and it was breaking. I'm kidding! ;)
    I love the blue angel. Unfortunately I have not yet. Be somewhat later.

  2. I think someone used your picture on ebay....check out concord grape crops on ebay. I almost expected to see Whiskey partly in the picture. :0)

    1. Lol thanks for letting me know! I found it. I will contact the seller. =)

  3. And another pic of yours on ebay... It's under Dance Strap Tank Aquamarine size 8.

  4. Here's another ebay item with your pic:

    The seller isn't you, is it? yeah... we're beginning to expect Whiskey to show up too!! ;-)

  5. Omg that is so crazy. I was stopping by your blog to tell you, that I too, have been seeing you all over ebay lol. But I think the commenters above have mentioned the three different items that I've seen. Looks like there are many listings with the concord crops. That would be so funny if Whiskey was in the photo :) I'll let you know if I see any others!

  6. Thanks guys... sigh... I think it will happen more and more now that they can't use Lulu's official pictures anymore.

    This is why I don't put my face on my photos!!! Lol.


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