Sunday, July 31, 2011

Found the Perfect Earrings for My Wedding!

This weekend has been CRAZY!  My friend Brad aka my Man of Honor wanted me to go shopping with him for a shirt to wear to my wedding.  So what started out as a simple little shopping trip turned into a huge production because we managed to change my mind about the dresses of the bridesmaids.  My original idea of having everyone wear a different colored dress that they already own was not working out so well, since it turned out that the dresses are made of different fabrics.  One is all satiny and one is more cottony.  I just really don't think that would look cohesive.  The other friend was going to buy a new dress anyway.  So, with the help of Brad, I decided to just pick a color/dress and have everyone wear matching dresses.  It's just easier that way and will look more put together, even though I still think having different colors would be fun!  But that also may back fire even if they are the same dresses in different colors.  I decided to just play it safe and chose a very pale powder pink type of color.

I wanted a flowy romantic looking dress.  But boy it is hard to find!  We literally went to 3 different malls and countless number of stores and just couldn't find one.  Of course I don't want my friends to spend too much money either so that also makes it harder.  So now I think David's Bridal might actually be the top choice since they have lots of different colors to choose from and the prices aren't that expensive.  This dress shopping process is rather stressful, I never knew I saved myself so much trouble by letting them wear their own dress.  But now I just created even more headache by changing my mind at the last minute!!  Less than 2 months left................

Anyway, so in the midst of my crazy shopping weekend (I also went to yet another mall and shopped more today), I did find the perfect pair of earrings for the big day!  And they are pink!  How perfect, that will match the pink of the girls dress that I haven't picked out yet.  They also come in purple which are very pretty too.

They are from Swarovski, and they are called the Nina Vintage Rose:

They look very feminine and delicate in person.  The close up picture may show it better, but there's a white bow on top of the crystal.  It's super cute.

The pink of the crystals in person is very faint, which will go well with my white dress.  I have dark hair so they really stand out and are very eye-catching.  They are pretty sparkly in the light, and I think they are the perfect size and sophistication for the look I'm going for.  They are also very comfortable on because they are very very lightweight, I can't even feel them actually!  Kind of worrisome because I could lose them and not realize haha.  They are about 2.5 inches long.  I originally wanted something that is maybe 1-1.5 inches long, but I don't mind this length at all.  Here's what they look like on a real person:

I think they enhanced the color of the pink in the above photo, because they are definitely lighter than that on me.  I'm really happy with them, and they were $75 which doesn't break the bank.  At least one purchase from this weekend went well... maybe I used up all my shopping luck with the earrings that I don't have any left for dresses!  Let's just hope they will turn out ok...


  1. I have a few Swarovski pieces--gorgeous!


  3. Those dresses are cute! I wonder if it's a bit much cost wise though. Really not sure how much would be a reasonable price! I was thinking somewhere under $100 but choices are slim...

  4. Check out Jcrews sale section online -- they have a ton of dresses and a lot are below 100 -- plus they usually have an additional savings code too ==plus jcrew is a little higher quality than a lot of the "bridesmaids" dresses

    just a thought!

    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Thanks momof5! You are always so helpful!!! Love it =)

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