Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lululemon Swiftly Racerback & It's A Cinch Crop

My Lululemon order from like a week ago finally arrived today.  I know I was super spoiled with the fast overnight shipping before, but I don't think I can take waiting this long!  I need instant gratification I guess.  Lol.  More reasons to visit the store... but anyway, I got a Swiftly Racerback in pink mist, because I really heart this color and I wanted a cool lightweight tank for the summer.  And when I was in the store last, they did not have my size.  I own many Swiftly shirts and long sleeves, but this is actually my first swiftly tank.  I have tried on the older version of the tank before with the really droopy armpit cut, and did not like the fit on me.  But I never tried on the newer version in store, I just decided to take my chances with it and ordered it.

For some reason, I thought this tank was about the same length as the Cool Racerbacks, but it's actually much shorter.  I'm not too thrilled with that, as I really wish they would have made it at least an inch longer.  But I don't think it's a deal breaker.  Don't get me wrong, it's not "too short", just not as long as I thought is all.  The fit is better than I remembered from the old version, but the armpit cut is still lower than my Cool Racerbacks and most other tanks.  I love the swiftly material and I think this will be great to work out in when it gets hot here.  So I'm leaning towards keeping it.  But I'm not in love with it, even though pink mist is still lovely in my eyes.  The color is also slightly see through, but I think it will look great with a bright colored bra under.

I also got the It's A Cinch Crop on a whim, since they look so cute and comfy, and I've been meaning to get another pair of crops.

Hmmm I really would like to know how these crops look like this on the model, especially on the back.  Because they look sooooo horrible on me!  The rise is SUPER high - I'm talking covering my belly button!  That's surpassing granny panty style, and I am just not down with that.  Even when I use the cinches on the sides, it brings down the waistline on the front but not the back.  And then I'm left with uneven cut and unflattering wrinkles.  They are so high up that all my tanks would cover the waist completely and all you would see is wrinkles underneath.  The description says "medium rise".  I completely disagree.  I say they are ULTRA HIGH rise!  If anyone remembers the Run: Spirit Tights from a couple years ago, I think they are the same rise!  But those were luxtreme running tights! 

Run: Spirit Tights

Needless to say, these are going back as soon as humanly possible.

I think this is the second time I had bought something from Lululemon without trying on and have been extremely disappointed.  The other time I can think of was the Gather Dance Strap tank.  Usually I find it pretty safe to order most stuff online without trying on and still get a decent fit at least.  Oh well, better luck next time I guess!


  1. I have the exact same gripe about the run swiftly tank. I totally thought that it would be the same length as the CBR... it's not. And I honestly won't wear it much because of that. Lululemon fail for me :)

  2. I love swiftly material and wanted to get the tank as well until my swiftly tee started to pull badly. Anyhow, thank you for writing about the fit. I am not as disappointed to stop buying the swiftly items now.
    I think I read from Lululemon Addict's blog about It's A Cinch Crop being very unfluttering. I never tried them on though. They do look cute on the model but the model really has no muscle tone and too skinny. Those will never fit like that even though I am pretty slim but athletic.

  3. Try the Backbend Crops -- they are very flattering and I love the shorter length-- I ordered the toothpaste swiftly and ended up returning it because of the fit -- pretty color --bad fit! Glad you are feeling better!

  4. Thanks momof5, I will have to go try the Backbend crops when I return it's a cinch. I am actually thinking about returning my swiftly tank as well - I don't know yet though. I have to put it on a few times and decide. Lol.

    @Anon: I have many swiftly items and actually have never had any pulls on any of them. Some of my swiftly shirts I have owned for years. I don't baby them at all. I treat them just like any other workout top. I wonder if it's certain ones that didn't pass quality check?

  5. Thanks for the review. I'm tempted by that tank because it's sooo lightweight. Maybe I'll have to try it on first. Too bad those pants are so high waisted. All that detail goes to waste if it's totally hidden under your shirt...and if the rise is at belly button level, I wouldn't wear a shirt short enough to show it off....


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