Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free Lululemon Goodies!!!

So I went to my local Lululemon store's run club tonight to do my usual Thursday night 10k runs.  I was pleasantly surprised when I showed up, and the ladies at the store told me that they wanted me to test out an item and then keep it!  Sweet!!  I mean how awesome is Lululemon??  I don't know any other stores that do this, this is really making the customer feel special!  Very smart marketing, definitely keeps me going back!

My choices were the Run:Swiftly Tech in Fruitie Tootie in size 4:


The Run:Swiftly Racerback in dark classic sport grey in size 6:


And another older gray sleeveless tank with pink accents and a drawstring on the bottom.  Looser fit.  I don't know the name of it, but it was cute.  I would have maybe chosen it but they only had it in size 8 which is 2 sizes bigger than my regular size.  

I ended up choosing the Run:Swiftly Tech in fruitie tootie.  The color will match the Astro Crops I received yesterday!!  I actually have always wanted to try this top on, but for some reason never did.  So I never knew how cute it was on!  I have the long sleeve version of it - the Run:Swiftly Tech LS.  I always thought that $68 for the long sleeve top vs. $58 for a short sleeve - meaning $10 more for more material seems like a better deal!  Haha... but hey the short sleeve is cute and probably more practical for the gym, and I have no problem wearing it around when it's free!  I also chose it over the Swiftly Racerback because the racerback is SO big, even though only one size up from my normal size.  The under arm part dipped so low that my entire sports bra underneath was showing on the sides.  Not cool.  I guess it's a different fit.  I didn't like it.  But of course will have to try it on in my size or a size down and make my final judgment.

Well, I wore the Swiftly Tech tonight right away during the run!  It's very lightweight, and feels like you are not wearing anything when you have it on.  The length is longer also so it's more flattering.  It doesn't fit too tightly around the stomach so that's nice.  It also has mesh and vent all over the place to let out air.  And silverescent is supposed to be anti-stink as well.  It was too cold to wear it alone though, so I wore the Run:Spirit Pullover over it (amazing top).  


It was just perfect!  The silverescent material of the Swiftly Tech wicked away my sweat like magic!  And the Run Spirit Pullover kept me nice and warm!  I love it!  I normally take off my sweaty clothes right when I get home, but tonight I was very hungry so I decided to make food first wearing the Swiftly Tech.  As a result, I discovered that during the short 10-15 minutes of cooking (George Foreman grill!), the Swiftly Tech went from being drenched in sweat to being COMPLETELY DRY!  OMG!  I could not believe it.  I know the description said "quick dry", but THAT quick?!?  I really didn't expect that!  I never knew this about the silverescent material since I always chuck away my sweaty clothes so quickly after I'm done working out.  This is really something...

I had a very good run tonight, finished my 10k in 40 something minutes which is probably the fastest for me!  I'm so glad I'm improving more and more each week.  I really can notice a big difference from just 2 months ago when they first formed the run club.  Or maybe my performance tonight was due to my new Lululemon Ultimate Running socks?!?


I had never tried on Lululemon socks before tonight but picked these up from the store yesterday.  I was wary to shell out $14 for ONE pair of socks.  Seemed like a rip off.  But since I do work out a lot, I figured good socks may make a difference so I decided to give them a try.  The description made them sound pretty awesome - wicking, protect against shoe laces, minimize blisters, etc. etc.  I liked them but not sure if they are worth that much.  They were comfortable and cute, but I didn't notice that much of a difference from my Nike dry fit running socks.  I may have to wear them more to tell.  I also got a pair of the men's version of this sock for my boyfriend who always gets huge blisters from running!  They seemed to work well for him tonight since his feet don't look nearly as destroyed as usual!

Speaking of him, I forgot to say that he actually got a free shirt at Lululemon too!  Since we usually go to the run club together, the girls wanted to thank us for always being there, and as a "Valentine's day gift".  Haha... so cute!  He got the Metal Vent Tech SS in classic sport grey / Split Pea.  It's the same shirt that Bob Harper always wears on the Biggest Loser, in blue though.  It's made of the same silverescent material as the Swiftly Tech and retails for $64.  Pretty cool shirt!  Very nice feel and also drys SUPER fast like mine.  It's my boyfriend's first Lululemon item ever!  Well other than the socks I bought him yesterday.  This is a very exciting step hehehe.  Maybe now he will understand my obsession and stop rolling his eyes when I spend $100 on a pair of pants or whatever.  Sometimes you really do get what you pay for! 


So after we finished our run tonight, we got another great surprise!  All the girls received free Luon Headbands, and the guys got Luon Running Caps.   


I got the purple one like the picture above, and a very pale pink one, almost white.  My boyfriend got the running cap in bold blue, which is a dark blue/purple color.

I have lots of Lululemon headbands, such as the Slipless Headband, which has a silicone grip on the inside that sticks and supposedly makes it stay in place.  But they never stay that well on my head.  I think I have a somewhat larger head, or lots of hair, so it's just a little tight on me, and tends to slip backwards (and eventually slip off if I don't keep fixing it) if I do any high impact activities.  So I guess it ain't "slipless" afterall.


I also have the Satin Pirouette Headband, which is very pretty.  It's a thinner headband, and the material is shiny - not sure if it's really satin or just looks like satin.  I like how it says "lululemon" in small print on it, vs. the silver logo like all the other headbands.  That way it is more inconspicuous.  I actually hate having the big old reflecting logo on my forehead most of the time so I always rotate my headbands so that the logo is either hidden or to the side.  The satin pirouette headband also has grip on the inside.  The end has 3 closures so you can adjust the fit based on the size of your head.  But this headband is extremely tight on me.  Even using the last closure, it's still very very tight, like barely fits.  And it does not stay in place well as a result.  I have to put bobby pins on it in order to make it stay.  But once I do that, it actually stays perfectly.  So I just have to do that extra annoying step.


I had never tried on the good old simple Luon Headband until tonight.  I think I might like it better than my other ones!  It's definitely looser and fits more comfortably on my big head.  It doesn't have slipless grip on the inside, but I think it just might stay better since it feels lighter and is more stretchy.  I don't know, we'll see when I try it out in spin class tomorrow morning!  

I put on my boyfriend's running cap too.  It's actually cuter than I thought it would be.  I know his is for men, but it's actually big enough for my head.  Though it does resemble a swim cap, I think it would be pretty good to wear on the chilly Southern California nights since it's lightweight luon!

But hey, I am thrilled to have gotten my free stuff!  I feel like I worked hard for them though!  It's definitely great to have worked hard and gotten reward for it!  I have almost logged 50 miles total with the run club, I think two more 10ks will get me there.  The first 10 people of the run club to reach it also get Lululemon gift cards which will definitely be useful to me!  My boyfriend already said I could have his too hehe.  We are pretty much guaranteed to be among the first 10 people, we have not missed a single week.  So I'm looking forward to that too!  

I hope I will still be able to go to the run clubs after my work moves next week though.  I will be in downtown LA and 15 miles away from the Brentwood Lululemon store.  =(  So sad!  But if I left downtown at 5 pm, I just might be able to make it back by 6:15 in traffic.  Thursday night traffic is the worst too so maybe I will have to leave like at 4:30.  We'll see I guess.  Definitely NOT looking forward to that though!  I guess my 2 years of good fortune of being able to walk to work is wearing out.

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