Friday, June 18, 2010

Lululemon Run:Like The Wind Singlet & Problems with Run:With It Crop

I bought the Lululemon Run:With It Crop last Friday and wore them once.  I thought they were so cute and comfortable, and they performed very well during my work out and I never had to worry about pulling them up or anything.  However, this morning when I went to grab them again, I noticed that the stitching was coming out around the waist.  Wtf?  The only time I wore them, I worked out for an hour (running on the treadmill and weights), then went to have lunch somewhere and took them off when I got home.  For almost $100 after tax, that is really not acceptable!  But I was lazy and I figured ok fine, I will just snip off the thread that's coming out, and not deal with it.  And then, I noticed that the threads are also coming out in the crouch area!  Ok that was it for me.  Who knows what other part will come out as well.  Before I know it, my whole entire pants might fall apart!  Very disappointed.  So needless to say, I walked over to the store today to return them.  They were very nice about it since I shop there so much and they know me.  They told me that they have been getting more complaints lately about quality issues so I'm not the only one.  They gave me a choice of getting a refund or exchange.  I didn't feel like taking another chance on them so I got my money back.

Then of course I decided that I should check out the store since I was already there and was in no hurry.  Didn't really see anything new or exciting, but I saw a bunch of Ta Ta Tamer bras on sale for like $19 in bold blue - one of my favorite colors from the winter, so I decided to try one on.  Then I thought, hey why not grab something else if you are already going into the fitting room?  I spotted the Run:Like The Wind Singlet and decided to give it a try and also grabbed the Run:Empower Crop.

Hmm so the Ta Ta Tamer didn't work for me because it was too much like a regular bra vs. sports bra.  The rather heavy padding on the cups made me feel like it would be too hot to wear for the gym.  I pretty much only buy Lululemon for work out purposes, not street wear (even though I do wear my jackets around sometimes but they are still made of technical material), so that was a no.  I had tried on the Empower Crop a long time ago and thought they were awfully long on me (I'm 5'5").  This time they looked cuter than I remembered, but still just a bit too long.  I don't think it would be a good idea to hem these either because of the design near the hem, so that was a no again as well even though they were very comfortable and I could see how amazing they would be to run in.  What really surprised me though, was the Run:Like The Wind Singlet which I went home with.

I remember seeing this tank a couple months ago when it first came out in a lavender/lime color combo (I think?) and thinking it looked strange on the hanger with the weird flap.  It definitely didn't entice me to try it on.  But I'm so glad I tried it on today!  It's super cute!  First of, I love this color passion.  I didn't think I would like a red-ish orange-ish color this much - I'm more of a "cool" color palette type of person, but I really like how this color looks on me.  I have the Push Ur Limits tank in passion.  I don't normally buy different tanks in the same color, except for this one I guess!  

I also do like the flap part.  It's different, and I think it enhances my figure and gives an illusion of a smaller waist line.  The flap lays pretty well on me, I think flatter than on the model.  This tank is on the longer side and is form fitting, but a very flattering fit.  I got it in my regular size 4 and I think it fits pretty well.  I really love the circle mesh material as well - this is my first tank entirely in this material - I have a few others tanks/running tops with circle mesh here and there but not the whole thing.  It's very light weight and comfortable, and seems to stay in place well.  I can only imagine how awesome it will be to run in!  Or any other exercise for that matter.  I think it will keep me very cool, especially in the summer heat!  I also like the contrasting coal colors around the arm pits (great for preventing pit stains!) and going up the racerback.  I love how the back looks.  It's very unique.  Oh yeah, this tank also has a pretty good sized pocket on the side which is always a great feature to have.

This tank doesn't come with a built in bra, so when I got home I tried it on with a few different bras.  I have 3 types of bras from Lululemon - Flow Y, Scoop Neck, and Not So Deep V.  Unfortunately none of the 3 is completely hidden under this tank.  The Flow Y doesn't show in the front, but the straps show a little bit on the back.  The Scoop Neck is almost identical as the tank on the back, but the straps on the front are just a little thicker than the tank so it shows as well.  The Not So Deep V shows a little bit on the front and the back.  I think I prefer the look of the Flow Y the best.  That is always my "go to" bra anyways and I have a bunch of them.  The other two weren't bad though.  It's always good to have choices.

The store also had white and black in this tank - both solid colors.  I think the white one would be very cute too, but I have too many white tanks already and prefer the look of contrasting colors.  If I fall in love with this tank even more after I try it out during my work out this weekend, then I might consider getting it in white as well.  I think this tank was priced higher before, but it's been price adjusted to $42.  That is really a pretty good deal in my opinion.  

My only problem is, I have this rather weird/nerdy quirk (and I realize this may sound rather psycho) - I like to store my Lululemon tops in different drawers based on material and whether they have built in bra or not.  For example, I have all my luon tops with built in bras in the same drawer(s) - such as Power Y, Scoop Neck, Athletic Deep V.  Throwing in some luxtreme tops (Push Ur Limits, Swift Tank), and luon light tanks with built in bra such as Inner Strength.  Then, I have all my Swiftly and other silverescent tops together, all my Cool Racerbacks together, all my lullure Dance Strap tanks together, and all my organic cotton tanks together.  I stow away each item in the right place meticulous after each use/wash.  So my problem with circle mesh is I don't know where to put it!  I think it probably belongs best with either the silverescent tops for similar material or the Cool Racerbacks for similar style.  Hmmmmm... something to ponder on!


  1. You need to buy a No Limits tank, then your Run: Like the Wind would have company in the drawer because it's also made of circle mesh. :-) I'd put it with the silverescents and swiftlys since circle mesh is really cool.

  2. I think you are right! That makes the most sense. =)

    I remember seeing the No Limits tank in my store a while ago but it looked more like a hang out tank than a work out a tank. Very cute though, especially with different bra and tank colors. Do you like it? Is it a good tank to work out in? Like circuit training/boot camp type, or even running? I'm pretty sure they don't have it anymore though because I didn't see any today...

  3. I just received my No limits tank - and when I first saw it -- i thought the same thing-- but let me tell you -- I wore it to spin yesterday and it was great -- the circle mesh really keeps you cool during sweaty spin class and it is SO flattering -- i have it in all black and I think it will definitely work with jeans or khaki shorts -- but it rocks as a workout top too!

  4. I've worn my No Limit to spin, too. It's very cool. I haven't worn for anything with a lot of movement so I can't comment on how it would be for boot camp or running


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