Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shu Uemura Precise Volume Mascara

I ordered another Foundation Powder from Shu Uemura because my current one that I love is running low.  Not bad, the small thing lasted 3 months of use almost daily.  I decided to also get their Precise Volume Mascara because I'm kind of obsessed with mascaras.

The description sounds pretty good - volumizing, no clumping, waterproof (this one is a biggy for me because I've found non-waterproof masacaras usually smudge after a few hours).  $23 is not a bad price either.  But I just tried it out today and must say I'm not a fan of it.  I'm surprised since I've come to love Shu Uemura products so much that I always assume they would just be amazing.  But this one is really underwhelming.  

First of all, the tube is really thin and small - much smaller than I expected.  At first glance I thought they accidentally sent me a sample size!  So that alone makes the price not worth it.  The brush is very thin.  I just don't think thin brush and volume mascara go together.  Again, I thought maybe they sent me the wrong mascara.  But nope, I double, triple and quadruple checked, they sent me the correct product.  

It definitely does not clump though, that's for sure.  I must have put on 5 different coats this morning and you can barely tell I have any make up on.  But I just expected it to be darker and go on thicker.  So I'm pretty disappointed with this purchase.  I guess I will only be using it if I feel like going for that "no makeup" look, but then what's the point of putting makeup on?  Wtf?  The Laura Mercier mascara is like 100000000 times better.  It's $3 cheaper too!

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