Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pure Barre

I've been feeling a little sick the past couple days so I'm taking it easy with my work outs.  I only feel sick above the shoulders - sore throat, runny nose, and other "annoying" type of symptoms.  I like to do light work outs when I'm feeling this way, because I think if I sweat a little bit, I will sweat out the bacteria or whatever that's making me sick!  I have no idea if it's actually true or not, but I do feel better afterwards.

So today I took the day off work, and figured I'd try an "easy" work out at Pure Barre.  It's walking distance from where I live, and I'd been wanting to try it out ever since it opened.  That was at least a year ago, probably longer.  Since then Pure Barre has gained a lot of popularity all over the country.  It's basically a work out that combines pilates and ballet movements and uses the ballet barre.  I don't know why I thought it would be easy - I guess I always associate the level of difficulty with how much I sweat and how fast my heart rate goes.  But this work out totally kicked my butt!  I was literally shaking after barely 30 minutes.  I guess I'm not used to isometric movements where your muscles stay in pretty much the same position for a long time while adding resistance and small movement.  I've taken dance/pilates type of classes at my gym before and it's the same feeling - the little 2 lb or 3 lb weights feel like 100 after holding them out for an extended period of time. 

The class I took spent about half of the time on the floor doing different exercises with free weights and resistance bands and half at the ballet barre, usually involving standing on your tippy toes with a ball in between your thighs.  Ended with lots of core strength training.  It's different and I had to take lots of breaks.  I'm not used to being the least "fit" person in group fitness classes but I think I took the most breaks out of anyone in the Pure Barre class!  I hate feeling like the 2 lb weights (or even the weight of my own limbs alone) conquered me.  Haha.  It really does make me want to go back more and get better though!  This type of work out is undoubtedly great for toning up.

Some pictures from there... by the way, I don't think I've ever seen so many Lululemon outfits in the same place before today.  I guess the person that started Pure Barre - Carrie Rezabek is a Lululemon ambassador.

They don't have any free classes for first timers, but they do have the first 30 days $100 for unlimited classes.  So today I paid the first class of $25, and if I want to go back, I only have to pay $75 for the next 30 days and go as many times as I want.  It's a pretty good deal.  I think I just might do that.  Even if I just go 3 or 4 more times it will still be worth it.

I was looking at the prices for after the initial 30 days, and they are not bad either - very comparable to other private studios in the area.  There are many different packages, like the standard 10 pack, 20 pack, 30 pack, unlimited monthly, and some other "fun" ones like bridal package and $14 for 14 classes pm only.  I think the last package will suit me best since I work during the day anyway so why pay more.  

I have a feeling I'm going to be really sore!  Gosh it seems like I'm always sore nowadays.  But I guess it's a good thing since it means I'm pushing myself to do different things!


  1. I love Barre classes - I mix that in my training twice a week with TRX twice a week too (not on the same days). I run 4-5x a week and I really think that Barre and TRX has improved my running a great deal. I run much longer and I really feel that my core is stronger. I did 30km (18.6 miles) last Sunday and wasn't as sore as I usually am after a long run - I credit that to all the core training :-)

  2. I think I will be doing barre and TRX classes regularly from now on too! I've been a gym rat for too long and have just recently discovered these different types of work outs and they are so much fun! I just wish I found them sooner! Haha... It makes sense that strengthening your core also benefits running. That's amazing that you did a 30k!!! Good for you!

  3. I so understand you... the gym does get really monotonous after a while - I love that there are so many new things to try :-) I only discovered Barre and TRX early this year. You'll get to run those long distances too (I'm training for NYC marathon) and these workouts have really helped me a great deal and training for NY is so much easier now compared to my training for Chicago last year.

    love your blog btw, I've been a lurker for quite a while now :-)

  4. Bar Method, very similar to Pure Barre, is also a lululemon-heavy class. I think 90% of the people in the class wear Lululemon. I've taken one Bar Method class and enjoyed it but I thought I could easily get the same workout following a DVD. I ended up buying a Bar Method DVD and the workout is pretty similar. It's not like you need special equipment, other than 2 or 3lb weights an a chair to hang on to.

    One thing that kind of bugged me about Bar Method is that we used cloth covered padded mats (it's been awhile since I went) for some exercises (I think the ab stuff) and all I could think about at the time was all the other women who had used the same mat and wonder how often they washed them. I was sweating pretty good after awhile so it kind of grossed me out.

  5. Thanks for the advice guys! And good call on the DVDs... I will have to check those out! I've heard of Bar Method as well but haven't tried. That's so funny because I am the same way about the shared mats and equipments. Pure Barre requires that you wear socks so at least there's no gross foot fungus. Lol. And everyone wipes their mats down after each use. But I still wondered how often they cleaned their floors and such. What I love about my gym is they have cleaning crew literally following people around wiping down every machine after they are done. So I never have to worry about this! =)


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