Wednesday, June 9, 2010

City Scene Shadow Play Duvet Cover Set

I bought the City Scene Shadow Play Duvet Cover Set from Hautelook a long time ago, and finally received them today!  I've been waiting for this forever.  I've had my white Charter Club duvet cover forever, but my realtor, who is apparently also a feng shui expert, told me that white duvet covers are bad luck and a no no.  So I felt like I should always try to better my luck and decided it was time for a change.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this set!!!  The base color is a tannish/greenish color, a little bit darker than the picture shows.  But it just happens to match my Charter Club Palmetto (like a faint pistachio color) sheets perfectly!  I'm really amazed.  By the way, I've tried a lot of sheets and definitely believe in spending money on nice sheets since they do get used every night.  Charter Club from Macy's is the best I've tried so far.  They are made of pima cotton (not the cotton sateen crap) with high thread count - so soft and never wrinkles!  Unlike many other high thread count sheets out there (such as Egyptian cotton) that wrinkle like crazy after you take it out of the dryer.  I just think wrinkly sheets look sloppy and cheap, and I don't believe in having to iron my sheets just to have them get wrinkly again once I lie down in them.  Seriously, sheets shouldn't be that high maintenance.  These sheets last for years and years so I highly recommend them.

Anyway, back to the duvet cover set.  I really like the pattern, and it's one of a few patterns I've showed to my boyfriend and he'd actually liked as well.  I do live with him so I can't get girly looking sheets or duvet covers.  I don't like dark colored sheets, so they always have to be neutral.  Green, tan, and other earthy tones are always a good compromise.  So this set fits the bill.  I also love that they are reversible to a completely different look!  So it's like getting two duvet covers for the price of one.  I do wish they also made the pillow cases reversible as well though.

I don't know what thread count they are - it doesn't say anywhere on the product cover or Hautelook.  I normally don't buy anything less than 500 TC, but I suppose for duvet covers it doesn't matter as much as sheets.  Still I would like to know just for my own reference.  Kinda weird they don't state that information anywhere!

But I love my bed now!  The duvet cover gives the room a whole new different look!  Very chic and metropolitan looking.  And hopefully they will bring me good luck as well!

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