Monday, May 3, 2010

Lululemon Cool Racerback Tank in Little Boy Blue and Lululemon Define Jacket in Angel Blue

I went to Lululemon today because I read online that they had come out with some new colors and products.  I had been wanting a blue Cool Racerback tank for a while, but they hadn't had any for a long time.  So when I saw pictures of it on their facebook page of 2 new blue colors, I was very excited!!

The darker blue one on the left is called Little Boy Blue, and the lighter one on the right is called Angel Blue.  I think these colors in this photo look pretty true to how they look in person.  I tried on both of them today, but I only bought the Little Boy Blue.  By the way, for some reason the name "Little Boy Blue" sounds a little perverted to me lol.  Anyway, the color is very pretty.  It's a nice rich color, but not bright, which I love since I don't do neon colors. 

I also bought the Define Jacket in Angel Blue.  I've tried on the Define Jacket in store a long time ago and LOVED the fit, but never bought one because I never liked any of the colors that it came in.  I had been wanting a blue one!  So it's perfect now that they came out in Angel Blue.  I would have liked it better if it came in Little Boy Blue though, I think that is a nice color for a jacket since it's darker.  Angel Blue is pretty though.  But I think I will keep the tags on this jacket for a while and see if it comes out in Little Boy Blue or an even prettier color that I can exchange it for.  

So my jacket is the one on the left of the pictures above.  Green is also a nice color, I didn't see it in my store though.  The purple one is ok, I'm not too crazy about it, though I think a lot of people like that color based on their facebook reviews.

The Define is a Lululemon core product - it's made of luon, and fits pretty tight.  But it's just such a flattering fit, it makes the shoulders look nice and straight while keeping the waist slim.  I love the back of this jacket because underneath the flap, it's all mesh and open, so it keeps you vented and cool.  Since it's made of luon, it can definitely be worn while working out or running, but I think I will mostly use it as a to and from jacket.  Or out running errands or something on the weekends.  All my other jackets from Lululemon have hoods, so it's nice to have one without!

I also tried on the new Groove Pants that's black and reverses to coal.  It's a smart idea, because for the price of one, you get two very distinctly looking pants.  Black and coal are also two basic colors to have, so it's a great option.  But I didn't buy them because the luon felt different.  They felt silkier - like there were more polyester in them than my other luon items from Lululemon.  I don't know, they just felt a little cheap to me, but they were $10 more than normal Groove Pants at $108.  So I didn't feel like they were worth it.  Plus I tend to wear crops to work out in, especially now that summer is coming up.  I've been loving working out in Power Luxtreme bottoms (Run:Passion Crops, Run:Team Spirit Crops) instead of luon ones because they keep me much cooler, they have great compression and they are amazing at wicking sweat.  So I didn't feel the urgent need to shell out $108 on those pants.  

By the way, I just wanted to mention that I just washed a load of clothes consisted solely of Lululemon items (yes I have plenty Lulu items to make multiple loads).  Their washing instructions are: cold water with synthetic materials only (i.e. no natural fiber items such as cotton), no fabric softener, and hang to dry.  But I always put them in the dryer.  I do wash them in cold water with other synthetic materials only and no fabric softener - because same as everything, natural fibers always cling to clothes and make these fuzzy balls, and fabric softener tend to clog pores and prevent technical items' wicking ability.  But I always throw them in the dryer, under low setting though.  I have these front loading washer and dryer with lots of settings, and I use handwash setting for the washer and rack dry on low or extra low heat for the dryer.  I feel like the dryer makes my Lulu items much softer! 

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