Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lululemon Scoop Neck Tank - Chirp / White

Finally Lululemon came out with some new tank colors!  I went to the store on Monday and they had just gotten a new shipment in.  I saw Scoop Neck tanks in the new lagoon color (as shown in the pics below) with white trim collar, as well as chirp with white collar.


I tried both the new colors on to see which one looked better.  Well they are very different and I liked both.  But I already have tanks from last season's caribe color - very similar to the lagoon color.  So I decided to go with chirp.  It is a very soft baby yellow color.  I don't have any other tanks close to this color, so I decided to get it.  Plus it would go nicely with all my dark colored bottoms.  Very cute look for the spring!  The girl that works at the Lulu store said it would be really cute to wear on Easter.  lol... hmmm... so it looks like an Easter egg?  That almost made me rethink getting it.

I'm glad that I can pull this color off with my tan (I went tanning this weekend :), otherwise it would look washed out with pale skin.  I also hope the white trim color does not get dirty too easily.  Or worse - turn yellow after a while!  A lot of whites tend to do that.  Especially since it's right around the neck, chest and armpits where we sweat the most.  Also, I always ask for bra cup inserts with my tank purchases at Lulu, but since this tank has a wide white band around the collar, some of the cup insert shows through the lower portion of the white band.  So I always have to readjust the placement of the inserts and basically push them down and towards the sides in order to hide them out of sight completely.  Very annoying.  This is a big disadvantage of having white around the collar instead of a darker color that would hide the cup inserts. 

Anyway, there are not that many Lululemon tanks that I would spend full price on.  I always tend to buy them on sale, or on ebay.  I mostly buy their run line at full price because they are definitely worth the money and sell out super fast, especially in my size so I have no choice really.  I have also bought all my Scoop Neck tanks at full price because it is a very popular style that never goes on sale either, especially in my size.  I seriously think my size sells out the fastest.  I always see so many things I want in bigger sizes on sale but almost nothing ever shows up in mine!  

The cut of the Scoop Neck tank somehow flatters pretty much all body shapes.  I feel like it probably fits smaller chested ladies better though, since the chest portion is rather tight.  I still stay with my normal Lululemon size, but it feels tighter than other style tanks in the same size.  Though the cut along the waist makes the tank fall very nicely in the tummy area to give a slimming look.  The length is medium - shorter than the Cool Racerbacks or the Power Y tanks.  A little longer than the Athletic Deep V tanks.  I quite like the length, and I don't ever have to keep pulling down the tank when I'm exercising because it doesn't ride up like some of the longer tanks do.  It is one of my favorite tanks at Lululemon.  I've only heard good things from others about it as well.  In my opinion it is one of the must haves for someone just starting to build up a Lululemon wardrobe!

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