Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Lululemon Dance:Strap Tank!

So it's no secret that I am obsessed with the Lululemon Dance:Strap Tank.  I just can't get enough of them!  Since they stopped making them, I have to stalk eBay to get my fix.  The newest one I received today is such a pretty color - army green.  I don't have anything close to this color so I'm really happy about it.  Also, there was a lot of drama with the shipment of this tank - I bought it over a month ago and it never arrived.  After thinking that it was lost in the mail or whatever, it was actually sent back to the seller, who had to then ship to me again.  But I'm SO glad that it was found and now I have it!

The color looks pretty much the same in person as the picture shows.  I love how the Lullure fabric gives the color shine and a silky look, which has just a gorgeous effect in this color.  I would love to see more tanks in this color from Lululemon.  One can only have so many bright and springy colors.

I got the size 4 in this tank, which is my usual Lululemon size.  But this tank fits rather small, and the band of the built in bra is a little tight in my size.  I like the size 6 in the tank better since it doesn't feel as constricted, while the body still fits roughly the same - but there's less support.  I would only be able to do light work outs in it, or not at all.  The size 4 though, I think I could run in it!  But I wouldn't because it's very low cut and it is rather boob-licious.  I did attempt yoga yesterday in my gold one that's also a size 4, and it was great, nothing fell out or anything haha.  And it kept me cool.  I think this army green one is actually not as tight as the gold one, so I will be using it for yoga and pilates.  And of course for BBQs, summer parties and going to the beach!

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