Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Lululemon Dance:Strap and Inner Strength Tank

Bought another Lululemon Dance:Strap tank in black from ebay.  This marks my 5th Dance Strap tank!  I just love them.  But now I can slow down and only get more if I see awesome colors or prints pop up.  These are great for the summer, as they can be worn from the gym to the beach!  Very versatile.

The material of this particular tank is very very soft, not as thick or rigid as most the other ones I have.  It's so weird how the material can feel so different in different colors.  

I also got another Inner Strength tank, in lagoon.  I like this color fine but didn't really care for it in this tank when it first came out, but I got it for a really good deal this time at $29.  I can like a lot more things if the price is right!

I feel like this tank either looks so bad on this model or the pictures are taken at a horrible angle.  It makes her chest look small and squished down, shows the indent of the bra band on the back (looks like back fat even though she is very thin), and does nothing to enhance her figure. 

I am happy to report that it looks better on me... lol... it actually fits me well.  I totally forgot about my white Inner Strength tank until recently because it was buried under a bunch of other tanks in my drawer.  But when I dug it out and wore it again the other day, I remembered how comfortable this tank is!  Because of the adjustable bra band on the inside, I can make it just the right tightness for my rib cage.  The chest portion does give pretty good support as well since it is tight fitting in that area - but may be too tight for someone with bigger boobs.  The length of this tank is very long, but I don't really mind it as I can scrunch it up a little.  The front is longer and curves which I'm not really a fan of but since it's so long I can barely notice that.  If I was really picky though, I would take it to the store to have it hemmed straight across and an inch or even two inches shorter.  Thought last time I took a tank with curvature to get hemmed, it came back shorter but still with the same curvature... grrr... they had to damage it out for me and give me a gift card in its place.  Anyway, I will leave the Inner Strength the way it is and have the option of covering most of my butt when I wear it with my white groove crops (see through in that area).  I think that would be a cute outfit. 

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