Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Funday and Some Martin & Osa Stuff

I had a pretty productive day - I cleaned the house, took a bunch of stuff to Good Will, walked around this vintage car show that was on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (not that I know anything about collector cars), and shopped!

I went to Beverly Hills because I wanted to go to Jack n' Jills, which is a fun place to have brunch.  Didn't end up eating there though since the wait was so long.  I guess the car show attracted many people.  But the restaurant also happens to be right next to the Lululemon store so I returned my Gather Dance Strap tank.  Oh yeah, when I was in the store, I also noticed that the Run: Like the Wind Singlet was on sale there in all colors and sizes.  What the..?!?  I just bought it on Friday at the Brentwood store at full price!  Well, luckily I had my tank on me (with tags attached) as well as the receipt, so I asked for price adjustment.  They gave me a bunch of crap about how they don't do that because each store has their own price policy (seriously?), but that they would give me an exception and do it for me.  Hmm... that is BS if they don't do price adjustments.  Is it really worth it to piss off a loyal customer over a couple bucks?  It's really the principle of it.  I could have just returned the tank and then bought it right back at the sale price.  I don't understand why I had to be the "exception".  Whatever!

I was headed home after that but decided to stop by the Century City mall and have lunch at Pink Taco.  I love their Ahi Tuna Burrito - it's got everything one should have in a meal, the protein, healthy fat (comes with avocado), and carb.  It also comes with an awesome side salad.  Perfect!  Especially if you share it with someone else and only have half of the burrito (it's really big) which is exactly what I did!  It was a really nice day today to sit on the patio bar.  I had a yummy raspberry mojito.  I don't normally like to drink my calories, but I'm down for freshly ground raspberry and mint combined in a yummy drink. 

My boyfriend was with me so I didn't plan to shop - he gets really impatient because I'm really indecisive.  I prefer to shop alone.  But he wanted to go to the Martin & Osa store because they are shutting down their business and everything in the store was super cheap.  I love the deals you can get during a closing sale.  I've got some unbelievable deals before.  Even though Martin & Osa is not really my style, I was determined to find some stuff there.

I ended up with the Flyaway Tank in a magenta/purple color for like $12 (could only find pics of the gray one on their site).  It's really soft and light weight, and I could always use more tanks for the summer.

Also got the Splatter Print Scoop Neck tank for $10.  It's very soft as well.  I like the soft cream color and print, reminds me of wrapping paper a little though lol.

Then I got the Shawl Collar Cardigan Vest too which is a kind of interesting long sweater vest with racerback.  Could be very old man sweater like, or chic.  Depending on how it's worn.  I'm hoping for the latter on myself!  It was originally $70 but I paid $19.  The one I got is all white, but I could only find the striped color on their site so here it is...

I like the little tie on the back so you can adjust the waist.  I also like the square pockets on the front, which you can't really see on their pics because of the stripes.  The "suit jacket" type collar is kinda cool on a sweater vest too.  I'm going to have to figure out exactly how to wear this.

Lastly, I got a huge, beautiful, 100% Solid Silk Scarf for $30.

I absolutely love this scarf!  It's dimensions are 44 inches wide and 80 inches long so it's very big.  But it's so light weight and feels like it's barely there.  It's the softest thing, and it shimmers and floats as you move.  I can wrap it around me multiple times, or loosely once or twice and create different looks.  I love the grayish/silverish color of this scarf as well.  I like that it's not super shiny and slippery like some silk items can be, but a bit muted.  It will go with a lot of different colors and outfits.  I don't know how much cheaper you can get a 100% silk scarf this size than $30.  If I ever get tired of it, I can always give it to my mom.  Haha.

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