Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lululemon Dance Roll Legging

I bought the Lululemon Dance Roll Legging off of eBay for $20!  Great deal, considering they retailed at $128, then went into loot for $79 back in the winter.  I was so surprised to be able to get them for so cheap, but I guess it is now summer and nobody wants cashmere leggings!

I actually never tried these on when they were in stores because I wasn't interested in spending that much money.  I would have gotten them at the loot price though, but they didn't have size 4s left.  So when I saw them on eBay, I figured hey, at $20 I can't go wrong.  Even if I hated them, I could still just wear them at home.

They are pretty comfortable, like wearing a soft sweater.  There is a bit of false advertising though, since the description says "Made with Cashmere!!! What more do we have to say!".  Well, the tag states all the material in it, and cashmere is only 12%.  I would have been pissed if I spent so much money on them thinking they were 100% (or at least a good percentage) cashmere!

I do like the fit on me.  They are slim fitting but not nearly as tight as the Wunder Unders.  The waist fold down can be adjusted to have a higher or lower rise.  I like it all the way down to cover most of the behind, like how the model is wearing it.  I did notice that the material is a little see through around her rear end though (right below where the fold down part ends), but it's not like that on me, thank God!  The waist band on the inside has these double bands that are wide and comfortable and stays in place.  There is also a drawstring to adjust the waist.  I like how they have the little metal plate that says "Lululemon" on the fold down waist instead of the usual silver reflective logo.  It looks more expensive this way, and not everyone will know what brand I'm wearing.  I like being subtle, that's why I like Lululemon because they don't usually plaster their logo everywhere like Nike or Adidas does (think huge logo right in the front, yuck!).

These leggings are really long, I was surprised at how long they are.  Without cinching up, they go all the way down to my ankles.  I'm 5'5.  I like the way the model has it bunched up and tightened with the drawstring on each leg opening.  But it looks like so much more excess material on her.  She must be shorter than me.  I wish the Lululemon site would state the model's height, measurements, and what size she is wearing on all products.  That would be very helpful.

I would never wear these to go work out in.  I wouldn't do yoga in them either.  So I guess I would just wear them around as leggings when I'm running around town.  They do look cute with boots, and fit into boots nicely because of the slim fit.  I can see how cozy they would be to lounge in in the winter, around a fireplace while drink hot chocolate (spiked with Bailey's preferably)!  I hope they don't stretch out with wear like some sweaters can bag out.  So we'll see.  For now though, they will go into my drawer and await my return!

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