Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lululemon Flashback Jacket

My boyfriend went to the Lululemon store and picked me up a Flashback Jacket today in dark classic sport gray / angel.  It's so pretty!  And on sale!

I kinda really like the contrasting color stripes and the lighter color gray on the cuffs.  I don't know why but they remind me of 70s work out gear for some reason, and for even more bizarre reason I love it.  I tried this hoodie on a while ago when it first came out in stores in light classic sport gray / passion and really liked it.  But at full price of $98 I did not think it was worth it.  I don't normally buy Lululemon hoodies or sweats that can't be used to work out in because they are usually selling at the same price as technical items so I think they are overpriced. 

This jacket looks extremely unflattering in this pic, but so much cuter on the dark gray pic.  Except it's the same jacket and fits exactly the same.  The light gray one in person is much cuter.  But I still prefer the dark gray and blue color combo, so I'm glad I held out on it back then.

I think this jacket fits pretty big.  In my regular size, the chest/upper arm area bags out and looks weird.  So I had to get a size 2.  I'm surprised they had size 2s left at the store actually (in all colors too), but very glad!  There's still plenty of room to layer, and the length is good.  I really like the fit, it's stretchy and comfy, and conforms to the body nicely.  I also prefer the lack of a gigantic Lululemon symbol design from the front view, as in the case of most of their other hoodies, such as this one:

I just don't need to be a big walking Lulu advertisement since they are not paying me haha... of course the Flashback Jacket has a pretty obvious logo on the upper left arm, but at least you can't see it from all angles and it's small!

The metal zipper on my Flashback Jacket doesn't work so well.  It kind of gets stuck sometimes so it's not a smooth zip.  I hope this will be fixed as I use it more.  I like the look with it half way zipped or all the way zipped up.  So all in all I'm very happy with it.  It's a much more acceptable price now that it's on sale for $59.  It might go on sale more but I don't think they will have any 2s left so this is probably the cheapest I can get it for.  But this price is comparable to or cheaper than hoodies of the same style from most other stores so it's still a good deal.

Another one that is also cute and I thought about getting it as well is the potion purple and white one.

I think it's a cute color for a jacket and it's different - will definitely stand out!  But I guess I don't need 2 of these jackets... or do I??  I did end up keeping both my Angel Blue and Foxy Plaid Jumpstart Gym Bags so why not the Flashback Jacket too!  Hahaha


  1. Lol...You and I have the same taste! I basically justified and reasoned myself into buying both flashback jackets in the dark gray and then the potion purple. I love both of them, because the dark gray is super flattering, and the purple is just gorgeous ... sorry, not sure if that is helping your cause :)

    I enjoy reading your blog. It's like looking into the mirror...I'm a 26 y/o in Southern California with a serious shopping addiction, and it's great to read about someone else out there like me and with very similar taste in clothing.

  2. I got the dark gray/angel too! I bought it online though and it hasn't arrived. I got my usual size, 6, but now I feel like i should have gotten a 4. Oh well, guess I can always sell and hope a 4 pops up somewhere.

    Like the person above, I check your blog regularly and we have such similar taste too! But it's entertaining to read, so keep it up - gives me something to check out on my daily surfing at work!

  3. You guys are so cute! And funny that we all have the same jacket! I wore it today and used my angel blue jumpstart gym bag. I realized that I totally matched my bag with the same stripes and color! Now I'm thinking I SHOULD get the purple one too!

    So since we both live in Socal and if we ever run into each other will you know right away that it's me? Because I'll most likely be wearing an outfit I blogged about. How funny would that be!

    @ second Anon, if you are more well endowed up top, I think your regular size will be fine. I found that the size 4 fit about the same as size 2 in the body, just was looser in the chest/arms area.

  4. I agree, I think you will be ok with the sizing. I wear a size 4, and got size 4 in the hoodies.


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