Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Party, Lululemon Jumpstart Gym Bag and Trapeze Show!

I had a long day today.  I went to my company's summer party at Santa Monica Pier.  They rented out the pier for half the day and all the food, drinks, games and rides there were complimentary for us.  I was so happy to get dipping dots!!!  And then cotton candy.  Those are some of my favorite things that bring me back to my childhood.  I also played many of the carnival games they had there, but I really sucked!  My boyfriend won like every single one of them though so I got lots of cute stuffed animals.  Hehe.

It must have cost a lot of money for my company to close down the pier, because that place is sooo touristy and is always very crowded, especially on a Saturday during the summer.  But my company manages hundreds of billions of dollars so I guess they have plenty of money to spend.  They also had some great raffle prices, like lots of flat screen TVs, ipads, computers, trips, etc.  I wasn't eligible for the raffles though.  =(  It was only open to Assistant Vice Presidents and below.  Since I'm a Vice President, I guess they figure there may be some conflict of interests, and they are already compensated well.  It makes no sense whatsoever!!!  So unfair... it's like getting punished for being successful at work.  My position is not nearly high enough to make key decision that could be considered "conflict of interest".  I also don't think my pay has caught up to what my title should be either, since I've only been working there for 3 years and got promoted fast.  Grrrrrr.... oh but I guess there was a separate drawing for high level execs to win golf lessons so I'm eligible for that.  I would be pretty happy if I won that too.  I love golfing!  I used to take golf classes when I was in college but haven't played in a while and would love to get better.  I will find out on Monday.  Fingers crossed!

Ok so after that was over, I walked over to Lululemon to see if they had the Run:With It Crop in Coal/Wee Stripe.  Well, they didn't.  I guess that one was sold out in every single size!  All the other color combos were there in most sizes.  Hmm... I wonder if they just got really little stock of it.  But I did see it on one of the girls that works there.  I like it, but I think I like my black/potion purple better and will keep them.

I didn't leave empty-handed, however.  I saw the Jumpstart Gym Bag and decided to get one.  I had a really hard time deciding between the foxy plaid and angel blue color.  I actually had the plaid one in hand at the register, and then changed my mind at the last minute and got the angel blue one instead.  I'm still undecided though and *might* go back and exchange it.

I like both for different reasons.  I love the angel blue color, and really like the blue and white stripes on the straps.  The plaid one is more unique because there's not many plaid gym bags out there, and the color combo is cute.  It would also show dirt less than the angel blue.  But I eventually decided against it because it seemed a little too young and seasonal for me (maybe b/c I was carrying stuffed animals in my hands?).  It's a print that I may grow out of fast when it goes out of style.  Angel blue will always be pretty.  I think.  I don't know?  I'm really indecisive.

This gym bag is very light weight.  It doesn't have as many pockets as my other Lululemon gym bags (but still enough for me).  None of the pockets have labels on them either which I always thought was a cute feature and try to put things in the "correct" pockets that match the labels.  And it doesn't come with a removable pouch for dirty shoes and sweaty gym clothes - that's one of my favorite features as well about Lululemon gym bags.  So I think this bag is a little over priced at $78.  But there are some redeeming details, such as the steel vs. plastic main compartment zipper, which I really really like.  And it's cute so oh well.  I plan on using it as a travel duffel, more for weekend trips or as a carry on so I think the size is perfect.  I would be able to fit plenty in there. 

They were having a pull up challenge at the Santa Monica Lululemon store all day today.  So the person that could do the most pull ups wins a $25 gift card - one female winner and one male winner.  They put the pull up bar across one of the dressing room doors.  My boyfriend had to do 24 to be the male winner at the time we went, and he ended up doing 30!  Apparently nobody was able to do more than him after we left so he won!  I didn't though, I've always found pull ups very hard for me to do.  I guess that's my next goal!  I wish I had won a $25 card too though.

Ok so after that I had to run some errands, then back to the Santa Monica Pier for the Lululemon trapeze show that they invited me to.  It was pretty cool.  There is the Trapeze School New York on the pier and I guess 9 girls from different LA area Lululemon stores have been practicing for the past 10 weeks so tonight was their show.  They also did a little fashion show in the beginning and showed off this season's latest designs.  It was good advertising for them because they attracted so many spectators.  They put on a great show too!  And they emphasized the whole "fashion and function" thing which was smart.  It looked like a lot of fun flying around and made me want to try it out as well!  It's pretty pricey though at $47-65 a class, plus a $22 first time registration fee.  I'm sure it's actually a hard work out and requires a lot of upper body strength and flexibility.  If I take the 10 week training course I might be able to do some more pull ups too! 


  1. The angel blue is pretty but exchange it and get the plaid instead. It is much more unique. It is also much more rare and if you ever tire of it and want to resell it on ebay it will fetch a higher ending bid than the blue.

  2. Wow its sounds like the Lululemon in our community do a lot. I wish mine did more.

  3. i agree, exchange it for the plaid one... i have it and looove mine to death! :)

  4. I think you guys might be right - I woke up today thinking I should have gotten the plaid! So I went back and got the plaid one, and now I have the blue and plaid side by side thinking that it might make the decision easier. But now I just want both! Hahaha... oh boy I've got real problems! I guess life ain't so bad if the biggest decision of your day is to choose between 2 beautiful, overpriced gym bags, right? =P

  5. Just wondering how your jumpstart bag is holding up? I'm trying to decide between this and the classy classic.

  6. I've used mine a few times for the gym (I did keep both of them!). It's pretty big - I think it's bigger than the classy classic for sure. I've put spin shoes as well as tennis shoes and a pair of flip flops in mine at the same time! Along with clothes, so it's great for that. But if you don't normally take much to the gym, the classy classic might be better because it holds its shape regardless of how many things you put in it. The jumpstart gym bag is kind of scrunched up when there's not enough to fill the space inside so if you care about that then you might not like it. But I like it because it will work well as a travel duffel as well.

  7. Thanks for the feedback! I think the classy classic might be all that I need. I'm going to get it in the foxy plaid - I love the colour combination.

  8. So I went with the jumpstart in the end, love it! The classic was too small for me, I take all but my kitchen sink to the gym in the mornings! Thanks for all your advice.

  9. Hi Mel, I'm glad you love the jumpstart gym bag! I really love mine too. I'm like you and take sooo much stuff to the gym! I normally go to/from gym straight to/from work so I don't have time to go home and drop stuff off. I also think that the jumpstart bag is more versatile than the classy classic because it can double up as a travel duffel. Good buy, huh? =)


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