Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lululemon Run:Energy SL

I went to my local Lululemon store's run club tonight after slacking off the past 2 weeks.  And boy am I glad I showed up!  They decided to do product testing and gave me the Run:Energy SL for free.  I was just getting tired of the stuff there lately, I wonder if they have a radar on me and somehow knew that lol.  The last time they did product testing, they gave me the Run:Swiftly Tech.  I fell in love with it and since then I've bought like 4 more of them.  Soooo, they still win.

They gave me a choice between the potion purple color and lime color (not a fan of it), and between the SL and SS.  I ended up going with the potion purple SL.

Here's the lime color, so not my cup of tea:

And here's the SS, it fits fine, but I like the fit of the Swiftly Tech MUCH MUCH better.  The chest/sleeves on this shirt fits me weird.  It's like the armpit area on this shirt is made too low.  Plus I don't like the writing in lime color as much as the white color on the SL.

I've never tried the Run:Energy SL tank on before tonight, and I don't own anything in the potion purple color either.  I found out that I actually really like the color on me.  I also just realized that I do have a potion purple slipless headband from last season that the Lululemon girls gave me when I ran the LA Marathon 5k with them. 

I never tried on this tank because I'm not really a fan of the writing on the front.  The ones without writing never caught my eye since I didn't think they were special enough to pay $58.  I would have rather gotten another Swiftly Tech or a tank with a built in bra for the price.  But I was very surprised to find that it's a VERY flattering fit.  I'm not kidding when I say it literally gives me more curves than I have.  My boobs look bigger and fuller in it (I wore the Lululemon Not So Deep V bra underneath), and my waist smaller.  It's also a looser fit so it doesn't cling to my tummy.  The girls told me to size up in this tank because it's meant to fit loose.  But I stayed with my regular size 4.  Most of the reviews on the Lululemon website actually say to size down so I was confused that they told me to size up.  I did try on size 6, and they were so similar that I couldn't tell there was any difference between the 6 and the 4.  But I don't think I would have sized down either (not that they make it in size 2), because I think it fits perfectly.  

I like the ruched detail on the back, that's very cute.  I also like the drawstring around the bottom hem to cinch it in so it doesn't look so flared out.  The length is long but with that drawstring you can adjust the length as well.  I also really like the detail of the stitching around the neckline and arm holes, as it is a combination of white and potion purple.  The tank is very very light weight and comfortable on.  It's made of silverescent material, but it somehow looks different from the Swiftly Techs which are supposed to be silverescent as well.  Maybe it's the color, but you can see the silver in this color a lot more.  Maybe they just meant to make it that way.  The arm hole doesn't go nearly as low as the Swiftly Tech Racerback, which I always found awkward, so I like this one better.  There is also a hidden pocket on the side near the drawstring.  So all in all, it is a shirt made with more detail so that is probably why it costs a little more.  I still don't know if I would spend $58 on it though.  But as a free shirt, I'm ecstatic with it.  I ran just 3 miles tonight, and it stayed in place very well, so I'm very happy.

My boyfriend also got a pair of shorts for free - the Agility Short.  It's really cute - I love the checkered look on the side.  But he doesn't like how short Lululemon men's shorts are, so he had to get a size large (he usually wears small or medium there) so that it's long enough, and just use the drawstring to tighten the waist.  Apparently starting in the fall/winter Lululemon will be making men's shorts 2 inches longer so that is good news!

Oh, I saw the new Run:With It Crop in black/potion purple which is just SO cute.  Plus it matches my new potion purple tank!  But I don't like purposefully matching outfits.  They probably wouldn't go with very many other tanks I have, that is the only issue.  I didn't try them on because I was sweaty from running.  So I put them on hold and will go back to try them on tomorrow. 

Here they are in all black:

And in black/potion purple on a real person:

I love how the knee area is not as tight.  And they are made of luxtreme, which I love for running or any other type of work out.  Can't wait to walk over to the store tomorrow again!

*******Oh yeah!  When I was at the store tonight Shawn Johnson was also shopping there!  I actually didn't recognize her but thought she looked familiar so I kept looking at her to try to remember where I'd seen her from.  She kept looking at me too (probably thought I was weird for staring) so I thought she also recognized me and could not for the life of me remember where from!  So it wasn't until she left that I heard the girls say it was her.  I love her!!  I was rooting for her big time during the Olympics!  She looked so cute too.  Very pretty girl, and so tiny!  Big muscles though of course, but short!  She was trying on a Manifesto Racerback and it almost hit her knees and she was asking if they had anything shorter hehe.  The Brentwood store gets lots of celebrity visits.  It's not in a touristy location like Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, or Beverly Hills, so tourists would not come here looking for celebrities.  But it's a very high end neighborhood where a lot of celebrities actually live so there are many many great sightings around here.  I know that Conan O'Brien lives here and he is the only person I can think of right now that I would actually talk to if I saw him around!!!


  1. You're sooo lucky! I've never heard of anyone getting free Lulu. Go on, girl!

  2. Hahaha I guess when you go to enough events with them, you tend to get some freebies. Though I never know exactly when it will happen! But my boyfriend actually gets more free stuff from them than me and he doesn't even spend money there!! They gave him shirts, shorts and accessories to test out, shirts for Vday, shirts for his birthday, gift card, etc. etc. He's not a fitness instructor or anything. I guess the girls at my local store are just super sweet. =)

  3. Or the girls just really like me..... ;)

  4. I ran in my "run with it crops" yesterday and loved them. (got them in coal with angel blue waist band) and the angel blue run:energy sl.

  5. You are so lucky to get a free Run: Energy SL! I love that tank. I don't care for the writing on it and would have bought a plain potion purple in a second.

    How fun to spot a celebrity. Have you ever seen Giselle Bunchen and Tom Brady? I understand they go to the Brentwood store a lot. I would love to see Tom in person.

  6. Yes, Tom & Giselle do go there a lot... but unfortunately I think they usually go when I am at work! So no I have not seen them. Would love to though, just to check them out and see how *hot* they really are in person! Haha

    I would have loved the angel blue or potion purple tank without writing (didn't know they made pp with no writing). But all the choices they gave me were with writing, maybe b/c they don't sell as well. Takers can't be choosers though! I'm not gonna complain about a free shirt whatsoever.

    @Anon 3:39, that sounds like a very cute outfit, I would have put the coal/angel blue run with it crops on hold as well but they did not have my size left. That color combo might go with more tops I have though, so we'll see what happens later today when I go back!


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