Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lululemon Gather Dance Strap Tank

Since I'm such a big fan of the older style Lululemon Dance Strap tank, I decided to order the new Gather Dance Strap Tank in angel blue from their website yesterday.  I saw this tank in stores the last couple times I went but was too lazy to try it on.  I didn't think the pictures online made the tank look good at all (they kind of make the model look fat or pregnant), but that seems to be the case for a lot of items so I thought it might turn out to be really cute.  There seems to be some similarities between this one and my beloved older version such as the pleats on the sides and the poof-ness.  The back looks very cute and unique.  I'm not sure why it's priced at $58 vs. $52 for most Lululemon tanks, but if it's a cute item, then it's worth the little bit extra.  The Dance Strap tanks were priced at $58 as well I believe.

Well, what a mistake this turned out to be!  This should teach me to try stuff on in stores before ordering them online.  This tank is hideous on me.  I would say it's the worst any Lululemon tank has ever looked on me, without exaggerating.  I ordered my regular size and it fits, but the front goes down very low, but is very tight that it cuts in on the top half of my boobs.  I am a 32B or 34A bra size, so I don't have very big boobs at all.  They didn't even include cup inserts with my order.  But if it had inserts in, my boobs would be pushed out even more.  This is such an unflattering look.

The poof is also way too much.  I love how the Dance Strap tanks have just the right amount of poof and don't make me look pregnant.  This Gather Dance Strap adds like 20 lbs on me!  If I look at myself from the side, I look at least 5 months pregnant.  Words cannot describe how horrible it looks.  I don't even think I would wear it if I was really pregnant, since my boobs would for sure be spilling out.  It's also a little bit too short as well.  The bottom of any pregnant belly would definitely not be covered.  Lol.  It's so bad that it makes me laugh.

The back is the only cute part about this tank.  Well I like the color too.  But there is no way I'm keeping this tank.  Saves me money!


  1. I was undecided about the Dance Strap tank and this made up my mind! Thank you!

  2. yes, definitely try it on if you can! maybe it will look fabulous on you =)

  3. Thanks for this review! :) It definitely does not look flattering on the model in the photos


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