Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kitson Hoodie

The famous Kitson Boutique was on sale on Hautelook over Memorial weekend and they were offering free shipping, so I decided to get a hoodie.

It's not a very mature look, but I think it's cute and different, and it was only $17!  Kitson is famous for having very expensive clothing, so this is a great deal.

I've been to the Kitson store on Robertson a few times, and a lot of celebrities frequent there, so there's always paparazzi camped outside.  It's really close to Marc Jacobs and the famous Ivy restaurant where you are guaranteed to see someone famous if you eat there.  So I guess as a result, Kitson thinks it can charge outrageous prices.  They have silly looking vests selling for $1400... seriously?  I've never bought anything there since it's just ridiculously priced.  So when I saw this hoodie for $17 I jumped on it!

Since it arrived in the mail today, I've been wearing it all night.  It's so comfortable!  And it's the burn out material so it's a thin hoodie which is perfect for the So Cal weather.  It's a little bit short - I would have liked it just an inch longer.  But I guess that's the style.  No biggie.  The quality seems pretty good.  All the seams and cuffs are finished with flat locked stitching.  The fabric feels nice and soft.  I guess we'll see how it holds up during washes and wear.  I sure hope it doesn't pill.

The hood is pretty big and I love it, and it's yellow on the inside which matches the band on the sleeve and the peace sign patch on the front, which is actually a kangaroo pocket.  I'm not crazy about the message but I guess it doesn't hurt to advocate peace...??  The ends of the hood strings have metal peace signs attached to them, and I like that they are long.  The graphic detail on the right shoulder is cute too.  I don't know, I just really like this hoodie for some reason even though it is a really young look.  I kinda wish I had gotten one of the other colors for the price.  It also came in orange and white which are cute too.  I actually had a hard time deciding between the white one and the blue one.

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