Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cleaning out my closet!!!

I just did a massive spring cleaning of my closet.  I donated about 3/4 (or more?) of my wardrobe!  I don't know what it was, but I just got so tired of my clothes.  I had a full walk in closet as well as a full sized closet of clothes as well as 2 big dressers full, but always had the same problem of having nothing to wear every morning (I know, same as most girls).  But lately I've decided to start a real, more grown up, quality wardrobe even if I have to slowly collect nice pieces.  I feel like it may be vain, but clothes make such a big impression on how others perceive you, especially at work - even if people don't realize or admit it.  I want people to think of me as well put together and presentable to clients and executives alike.  I don't think I'm un-presentable at the moment, but I want to look sharp!  I don't want to be lost among a sea of suits.  I've recently been given a "Vice President" title which is pretty big being 26 years old and having less than 5 years of total work experience, especially at a very high profile investment management firm with over $120 billion in assets.  So I should dress the part in addition to proving myself able.  I felt like a very limited portion of my wardrobe actually fit that image, so I kept taking stuff off the hanger, and before I knew it, my walk in closet was almost empty!  It's so weird walking in there now with so much emptiness.  I also donated a bunch of shoes, belts, scarves, and accessories as well.  One thing I didn't touch and am glad I invested in is my work out clothes which consists almost 100% of Lululemon.

I wonder what makes a person hang onto old clothes for so long.  I was amazed that some of the stuff I had in my closet had not been touched, let alone worn, in years.  Is it emotional attachments?  I always think I might need something in the future if I get rid of it, but I never do.  One drawer that made me feel most like I've entered a different decade was my "party clothes" drawer, which dates back to my prime college days.  Most of the shirts (if I can even call them shirts) looked so, umm, skanky, and cheap both in price and quality.  They were not things that anyone above 21 years old should be wearing, if at all.  I kept them around for so long because I wore them all the time back in college!  I just had the mentality that those were as essential as my underwear drawer (Well, I did go to UCSB which is one of the top party schools in the nation).  So getting rid of everything in that drawer brought me to reality that I really am grown up now, and have different priorities in my life.  I do miss those worry free days when I could always be found on the beach (be it Santa Barbara or Australia, Fiji, Thailand, etc. etc. I went everywhere!), getting a nice tan, sipping on a tropical yummy drink, and only had to worry about which party or bar to attend that night (then eat a bunch of junk munchies and not gain a pound).  Growing up does suck sometimes!

Well, as nostalgic as I am, I have to say I am excited to start a whole new wardrobe!  That just gives me lots more excuses to shop!  But I think I will mostly be patient and find good styles that are classic and timeless that will last (Well, won't hurt to get a few fun items here and there as well).  That doesn't mean I'll have to spend a lot of money on each piece.  There are always deals to be found!  That's where patience comes in.

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