Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can't Wait For TRUE BLOOD Premiere!!!

I'm sooo excited that one of my favorite shows True Blood is premiering tonight!  I'm not really into the whole "obsession with vampires" phenomenon going on as of late, but I am a huge fan of this show.  It's kind of like my love for Harry Potter, I'm just really amazed at the fantasy world these authors created.  I love watching / reading about the supernatural beings, magic, good and evil, etc.  The story lines also really keep me on the edge of my seat! I guess I just like things that are way outside of my world!

True Blood premiers at 8:45 pm EST tonight - there will be a 15 minute pre-show before the actual premier episode.  But I have DirecTV so I will be able to watch it at 5:45 PST which is in an hour!!!  In anticipation of the show, I am wearing my Merlotte's T-shirt that I bought when I went to the HBO store in NYC late last year!

It's actually a really comfortable shirt.  I love how soft it is, and it's really a very flattering fit and length.  This was the only shirt I liked from the store.  The other ones had very blatant writings on them, like "Fangbanger", or "Team Eric", or "Fangtasia", with very graphic bloody prints.  I like that this shirt is very subtle, matches Sookie's shirt exactly and can only be recognized by true fans of the show!  I even considered wearing it on Halloween with some black shorts and tennis shoes.  Super easy and comfy.  They even sell Sookie's apron too at the HBO store which would make it a complete outfit.  Hehe.

I also got my boyfriend the Bon Temps Football t-shirt which I will make him wear for the show tonight too.  I do realize that kind of makes us brother and sister, but whatevs!  We gotta get in the spirit!

I also really like this shirt for the subtle message as well.  He actually wears it all the time.  The one I got him is a little different from the one pictured above.  The "True Blood" logo is on the bottom right of the shirt near the hem, not like the one pictured that has it right under the writing on the front.  Otherwise it's the same.  I like his better.  It really looks like a vintage high school football shirt.  Surprisingly not that many people have realized that it's Jason's shirt from the show, maybe that's why they have moved the "True Blood" to the front. 

Now I just wish I had some True Blood to drink!  I guess they taste like orange soda or something.  They were out at the store when I was there.  

I have read all the Sookie Stackhouse books so I know who took Bill at the end of season 2.  But I won't spoil it for anyone.  Besides, they could have put some twist in the show and made it a different person.  So far they already have some characters that the book doesn't have, and vice versa.  But really, who cares, I'm just giddy with excitement right now counting down to the season premiere!


  1. Go, Team Eric! The previews to this Season looked great. I cannot wait.

  2. I'm totally on Team Eric too! "Bill is a nuisance" is right! Hahaha


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