Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lululemon Push Ur Limits Tank - Passion Wee Stripe

I went to Lululemon again today to try on some new stuff.  I didn't really plan on buying anything, but I wanted to try on the Push Ur Limits Tank.  Then I had to buy it!!

This tank came online a few weeks ago before it hit the stores.  It came in black, lavender, and bubbulicious/coal.  I wrote about it then, saying that I was very close to getting the bubbulicious/coal one, because it was so pretty and unique looking.  But I had JUST bought the bubbulicious Cool Racerback, so I couldn't justify another tank in pretty much the same color.  Even though I tried to convince myself that it was very different designs and material. 

I had mentioned that if this tank came in the new Passion color (a reddish / orangish color) that I would buy it.  Well, it did!  It was not uploaded online, but they had it at the store today, which is the one I bought.  It has grey stripes on the straps called "wee stripe". 

This tank is made of luxtreme material, which is the same as the Swift Tank.  I only have one Swift Tank, which I like.  It's a much lighter and silkier material than regular luon.  It has tons of stretch but tends to show the imperfections on the body because it's so body hugging.  But it's very comfortable and lightweight on, which is great for the warmer days coming up!

I just loved how the Push Ur Limits tank fits me.  It's like a custom made glove!  So it's tight.  The front is shorter than the back by a little bit.  I actually really like the length of the front.  I don't mind the longer back in this case.  It has a slight curvature and mesh all the way down the middle of the back as well.  I just love the look of the contrasting straps!  Now I wish I had gotten the bubbulicious/coal one as well.  That is the only other color that has contrasting straps.  The black one and the lavender one are both solid colors all the way around.  They also had one other color - wee stripe.  Basically the whole tank is grey and white stripes like the straps of the passion tank.  But the mesh on the back is black.  It's ok, not bad but a little too busy for me.  But I would get a bubblicious one just because of how well it fits!  And of course I hope they come out with new colors too.

I got my regular size, but I suppose it would be ok to have sized up one too if you want a looser and longer tank.  I like tight fitting tanks, especially for working out in.  So I was fine with mine.  But if someone is concerned about tummy pooch or something they should definitely size up since this tank really shows everything.  Or if someone has bigger boobs, I think they would definitely need to size up as well.  The chest is rather tight on me and my boobs aren't that big.  I do like it like that because it gives more support.  But if my boobs were any larger, they would pop out on top making double boobage look which is very disgusting.  Oh, I had to ask for cup inserts for sure.  I tried it on without cup inserts and the outline of my nipples showed through!  I wasn't even cold, so that was not a good look.  Perfect with the inserts in.  I can't wait to wear it to the gym and try it out for my sweaty activities!!

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