Friday, June 11, 2010

Got the Lululemon Run:With It Crop!

I went back to the Lululemon store this evening and tried on the Run:With It Crop.  They are sooo darn cute!  I tried on both the black/potion purple color and coal/angel blue color.  I ended up getting the black/potion purple because I liked the purple lines down the legs and the potion purple color block across the bum.  I think the placement of the contrasting colors is very flattering and makes my butt look cute.  Hehe.  The coal/angel blue one just had the angel blue on the waistband and the rest of it is all one color.  It was cute too but it reminded me too much of my coal/chirp Run:Team Spirit Crop which just happens to be my favorite things to work out in at the moment.

I was searching different Lululemon store's facebook pages for a photo of the back of the Run:With It Crop in black/potion purple and finally found one.

I just think the lines do a good job of presenting a more athletic and slender look.  But I also came across a pic of all the different colors they come in.  There is a coal/heathered coal wee stripe one, which was not at my store.

Hmm... I wonder what the back looks like.  I'm going to Santa Monica tomorrow so maybe I'll stop by the Lululemon store there and see if they have this one.  I may have to get it instead even though it doesn't appear to have the same color blocking as the one I got.  I'll have to see.  This color combo would work better for me because it will literally go with everything.  Plus my Run:Team Spirit crop is the only other gray luxtreme bottom that I have so it doesn't hurt to add another.  I have a few black ones already.

Anyway, I love the fit of these crops so either way I'm happy.  They kind of remind me a little of my Run:Passion crop because they are made of the same power luxtreme material, and they have similar leg opening - it's kind of like a wide, comfortable elastic band.  But the knee area is not as tight fitting (I'm not sure if this improves or hinders performance, will have to test them out, my guess is neither).  They are similar lengths as well, which hits me right below my knee, a few inches shorter than most Lululemon crops - my favorite length of crops!  The rise is not as high as the Passion Crop though, especially in the back.  I like it, because sometimes bottoms with higher rise make me feel dorky, though good for performance.  I wonder if the With It Crop would slip down as I move - they seemed fine when I tested them out at home, but we'll see.  I bought these in my regular size, which is perfect.  The waist band also has 2 hidden pockets - one on each side.  They are small though, definitely wouldn't be able to fit my iPhone.  But an iPod Nano or some cash or keys/gym card would fit well.

I really love the power luxtreme fabric right now.  They are all I've been wearing to the gym lately.  My favorite work out shirt right now is also power luxtreme - the Push Ur Limits tank.  I'm waiting for more colors to come out in that tank with contrasting colored straps.  All the solid colors are boring me.  Hopefully won't have to wait too much longer!


  1. What are those faint white lines in from her crops? They look kinda wierd

  2. I think it just might be the fabric being a little shiny so it shows up in pictures with the light reflected. Mine are all black...


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