Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lululemon Scoop Bra - Fruity Tootie

I've been looking for a pink bra for a while, and when the Lululemon Scoop Bra in fruity tootie (hot pink) went on sale online end of last week for $29, I decided to get it. 

I have quite a few Scoop Neck Tanks, but had never tried on the bra.  However, I figured it would fit exactly the same as the tank so I went with my regular size. 

Well I was right, it fits pretty well.  And the color is exactly what I was looking for.  But I was a little disappointed to find that when I put my Cool Racerbacks over it, the neck line makes a pretty obvious indent underneath the tank.  I got this bra just to wear under my Cool Racerbacks since my other work out tanks all have built in bras.  I like that the color of the bra peaks out from the tank but I wish it would lay smoothly underneath!  

Oh well, I guess I can still wear it under my Run:Swiftly Tech shirts and other long sleeve running pullovers.  I'll have to play with it under different Cool Racerbacks too to adjust the fit and try to make it look better.  

By the way, I like this bra for the support and style.  The wide straps make it very comfortable around the neck.  It does not dig in at all, like the Flow Y bra does sometimes.  And it's not as tight as the Deep V bra.  The mesh in the back also cools you down.  So all in all, I think it is a good purchase!

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