Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lululemon Run:Swiftly Tech SS Silver/Potion Purple

I stopped by the Lululemon store after the gym today and picked up yet another short sleeve Run:Swiftly Tech.  I love these shirts so much because they are so cute and flattering on, and at the same time very lightweight and dries super fast!  I also love how colors look differently in this silverescent material - bright colors look more muted and softer.  It is a rather fragile material but none of mine has snagged or anything, and I don't baby them.  It's just a wonderful shirt and one of my favorites at Lululemon.

The color I bought today is called Silver/ Potion Purple.  It's really more light gray than silver, with potion purple colored stitching.

I really like the color combination.  I also noticed that the reflective logo on the back of the shirt is a very dark metal color, rather than the usual silver color.  I guess this way it stands out more on top of a silver shirt.  Interesting though, my silver long sleeve swiftly tech I bought a few months ago has the standard silver color logo, which is a bit hard to see.  I never realized that, and I don't really care either way, but at least somebody at Lulu paid attention!

I didn't try it on at the store since I own a few of these already and was buying my usual size.  But I put it on when I got home and I think it's a bit tighter than my other ones.  Hmm... maybe it will stretch with wear.  I think my other ones usually do stretch out a little bit.  They always feel tighter right after I wash them, and after wearing for a few minutes, they become a better fit.  I hope that will be the case with this new one too. 


  1. I came back to read your blog since it was mentioned on the Facebook page, but once again you link your current post to the one from the past where you say you would wear ugly clothes if you were a size 12 until you lose weight. I wear 6-8 at lulu so no I don't fall into your category, but I am extremely offended you even bother to write that. I guess this is where your age/mindset becomes evident.
    I will continue my hunt for a blog that does not insult women.

  2. Hmm I admit that did sound rather harsh and apologize if I offended anyone because that was not my intention (though my execution was poor). What I really meant to say was that spending good money on cute clothes should be a great motivator to lose weight. I know it is for me. And that's exactly what happened to me as well - I did wear cheap ugly clothes until I worked off the weight I wanted to lose because I felt the investment in nice work out clothes would not be worth it until I got to my goal size and can make my investment last.

    I'm sure there are others who do not agree with me which is completely fine. If you are really happy (without being in denial) being whatever size you are, then that's great for you. But I think the majority of people who are working out and spending money at Lululemon do want to lose weight and get into a healthier lifestyle. But I don't agree with this whole mentality of "let's tell all women that they are beautiful exactly the way they are just to make them feel good about themselves". Because that is just concealing the truth and the real problem that got them to gain weight in the first place, not helping them. It's not just about how someone looks, there's real health consequences involved with an overweight individual, such as heart failure and diabetes, just to name a few. And no, I don't think everyone has to be a size 0 to be healthy, and I do understand that people have different medical conditions or whatnot that may make it hard to stay within a healthy weight range. I do find it interesting though that you had to mention your own size and how you "don't fall into my category".

    Believe me, I've had to work really hard to lose weight and keep it off so I'm not here trying to insult anyone. I applaud anyone who is embarking on that journey because I know from personal experience that they will be much happier when they achieve their results. My comment was a moment of me "talking to myself" that perhaps came out the wrong way. The purpose of my blog is to track the things I buy and it's all for good fun. I'm not here to make money from ads so while I appreciate you voicing your opinion, feel free to stop reading anytime.

  3. You go girl!! Its your blog-- write what you want -- Personally, I would as well - Sometimes just because it fits DOES NOT mean you should wear it --

  4. I've actually been following your blog for quite a while now and I do understand how some may be offended about about the comment on being a size 12. But, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think your opinion was on if YOU were a size 12 not insulting those who are a size 12 - which is very different and would fall into the category of what that bigot luluaddict commented on about race.

    I personally feel the same way and I hate spending on myself when I am feeling fat or if I gain weight and It's not a comment made depending on what your age is (I'm 35), it is really about how you feel about yourself.

  5. I also disagree with what you wrote but you are entitled to your own opinion. Freedom of speech! I also have the freedom to not read it which is exactly what I will now be doing.

  6. Ok what is wrong with people being so sensitive nowadays?? I read that comment and you people are making a big deal out of nothing! I agree with Anon @ 6:01, she was talking about if SHE were a size 12, she would not spend major money on expensive clothes till she lost the weight she wanted to. Why does that offend anyone?? And to the point where you won't read the blog anymore??? I don't understand at all. She didn't insult anybody. I can't believe you are tripping over this when that luluaddict is writing racist comments and reading neo-nazi blogs and she's a mother! Get pissed about that!

    I love your blog and please don't listen to these idiots - keep writing what you want and these people need to go get those sticks out of their asses and get a life!

  7. I couldn't agree more with this last post! Seriously people need to get a life! I hope they do stop reading your posts so they can stop bringing their crazy ideas around. You should just delete the comments from idiots like that :) some people just NEED to complain and will find anything!


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