Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Frederick's Colorblock Suede Platform

I am somehow on Frederick's mailing list, and I was browsing through their stuff online a couple weeks ago.  Their clothes are pretty cheap looking and hooker-like, though they had a few cute looking pieces.  Mostly trashy though.  But I came across a pair of shoes I really liked, and ordered them.  I just received them today - the Colorblock Suede Platform in black/red. 

I love these.  They are so cute and different.  I always wear funky shoes, so this falls right in my alley.  They are on super sale too (due to Memorial Day?), I got them for $19.  The other colors they come in are only $14 - black/pink/zebra, and black/gold/leopard print.  But I liked this one the best, I'm not really into animal prints. 

I was fully prepared to hate them and have to ship them back.  But they are surprisingly really really comfortable!  I must be crazy.  They are 4.5 inch heels!  But I think the hidden platform makes them appear higher than they really are.  I was afraid that the back of my heels would fall out as I walked around, but they actually followed the form of my feet really well and fit perfectly.  I got them in size 6, which is my normal shoe size. 

They are made of suede upper and I don't know what kind of man-made sole.  They actually look to be in pretty decent quality despite the low price.  I'm not as picky about my shoes though normally, I have like 100 pairs of shoes, and wear them on a rotating basis.  I may only wear a pair every few months or so, unless I really love them then I wear them once every week or two.  So most of my shoes don't get much use, and last a long long time.  Plus, when I do wear them to work, or to dinner or a party or something, I'm usually sitting down most of the time anyway.  It's not as worth it for me to spend tons of money on shoes.  I care more about the style.  I feel like I would still love these shoes for a long time to come, and the color combination would be so cool to wear with different colored outfits!  I'm not a matchy matchy person when it comes to shoes - Sometimes I will wear a darker color, muted outfit, with a pair of eye catching shoes to glam it up and give it some personality.  I always go to work with my green, red, gold, multi colored shoes with my work pants.  The colors peek out a little from the hem of my pants and I don't feel as "corporate" or boring.  I guess it's me being a little rebellious!  Haha.

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