Monday, June 7, 2010

Bunch of VS Orders

I ordered a bunch of things from Victoria's Secret last week, and they just arrived today.  They are having their semi-annual sale, and I wanted to get some dresses and tops for discounted prices.  I ordered a lot because they had those spend $250 and get $75 off type of deals so I had to order enough to qualify hehe.  I'm returning about half of them though, so we'll see how I get credited back. 

Everything I got was in size XS which is usually my size at Victoria's Secret, and they all seem to be true to size.  So here's what I got!

The Ruched Halter Bra Top in 3 different colors, $29.5 each:

Paradise Green: Love this color.  Definitely keeping it!  The fit is cute, much like my Lululemon Dance Strap tanks which I love.  However, being that it's from Victoria's Secret, I thought the built in bra would be much better!  Like maybe lightly padded?!  But it's just an extra layer of fabric and does nothing for the chest.  It's rather tight actually so it pushes down and flattens - not a good look.  But it would be good to wear over a bathing suit top I suppose.  Otherwise I would have to wear a bra underneath.  Love the fit otherwise though, and it's very comfortable, made of pima cotton.

Candy Pink:  I'm returning this one - not too crazy about the color in person.  Kind of more hot pink than red, which is the color that appears on my monitor from the stock picture.  I thought it would be just a bit more muted. 

Purple Pansy:  Returning this one as well.  The color in person is a very deep navy color, not nearly as bright as the picture shows.  I even thought the color might have a purple tint to it since the name is "Purple Pansy".  But there is none whatsoever.  It's not a bad color or anything but nothing special and I rather save my $$$ for something better. 

I love the Twisted-Front Halter Bra Top I got in Bright Melon color.  It's a unique style and I don't have anything in this color.  It's kind of a bright peachy color.  I love it!  I was afraid that the top would be a bit too short since it appears that way on the model.  But it's longer on me and I'm happy with the length.  It's a tight fitting shirt, but I feel that it flatters the curves.  I love the details in the front.  It also comes with the flumpy built in bra like the other tank.  I think I'm going to keep this one.  It's discounted at $29.5 as well.

I also really like the Ribbed Ruffle Bra Top Tank.  I got the Cobalt color which is a deep purplish blue color, not the yellow/lime as shown on the pic below.  It's a cute basic tank.  Nothing too special, but fits well and is longer in length.  Plus it was only $19.5.  It has 98% cotton and 2% spandex, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it.  I hate 100% cotton tanks or tops.  I feel like they always bag out with a few hours of wear no matter what.  The 2% spandex makes a big difference keeping its body hugging shape.  The back is actually not what I expected - it's kind of like a halter and has sort of a racerback look.  I thought it would just be spaghetti straps, but I'm happily surprised.  Btw, why doesn't Victoria's Secret put up pictures of the BACK of their stuff??  It's so weird.

I finally ordered the Hoodie Stretch Tee which I'd been eying for a while.  It went down to $25.  I got the Fiesta Red color and it's a nice bright red color.  While I really love the fit of it, I was disappointed that it doesn't come with the contrasting white stitching around the front pocket and neckline and sleeves.  This product only came with a picture of the party girl pink (hot pink) color which has the stitchings so I just assumed the red would too.  But it's just all solid red.  So I'm going to exchange it for either the party girl pink or bright cobalt (bright blue), I will call and ask them tomorrow if the blue one comes with contrasting stitchings. 

I also got a couple dresses:

The Printed Beach Dress, which is a cute print and very beach/summery.  But a lot shorter than I thought!  Not too short though.  I think I will keep this one.  It's the most expensive purchase of all at $39.  I like the fit - it's the baby doll style that kind of pouches out, which can be very maternity like (see the other dress below), but this one is a good fit on me.  I so wish it came with a nicer built in bra with some padding so I wouldn't have to wear my own.  I hate wearing strapless bras because I always have to worry about pulling it up, but I just can't do this no padding thing.  Ugh.

This Ruffle Front V-Neck Racerback Dress is definitely going back.  I got it in the same color as the stock picture - Violet Rose.  The picture looks a lot more purple on my monitor.  But in person, it's more pinkish.  I guess more like violet, which is the color name.  But it's quite different from the picture.  I don't like the color at all - it looks very faded - like it's been worn for ages.  It's longer in length, and is probably great as a maternity dress.  But there's way too much excess material and it's huge in the front and bulks.  No likie.  It's a pretty good price for a dress at $29 - same as the tops I got, but it's got to go!

So that's about it for now.  Overall I'm pretty happy with my purchases.  They add more color and fun to my casual summer wardrobe.  I also got two more tops but they are back ordered so I should get them probably next week.  Can't wait!


  1. What about your comment from June 2: "But lately I've decided to start a real, more grown up, quality wardrobe even if I have to slowly collect nice pieces." You could have taken all the $ you spent on these items, which won't provide lasting quality or style, and bought one superb high quality piece that you'll wear over and over and will hold up to wash/wear/trends. Nothing wrong with these VS pieces but they are not getting you toward your wardrobe goal.

  2. Haha I know... I actually ordered these before I decided that... LOL... My boyfriend said the same thing actually so it's pretty funny. I do need to rein myself in since it's so tempting to buy this type of clothes at much cheaper prices. But you are right, I have to learn to think long term before I make purchases like this one... the style may be cute now but quality is definitely not that great. Thanks for calling me out! =)


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