Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tumi T-Tech Pulse 22in Madison Upright Carry-On

Ruelala was having a Tumi sale last week and they had such great deals!  I love Tumi - once you use a Tumi luggage, you really can't use anything else anymore.  I've been wanting a black or dark colored Tumi carry on luggage (at a good price) for a while, and Ruelala happened to have the T-Tech Pulse 22in Madison for $139 - it really can't get much better than that!  I got a Tumi T-Tech series carry on luggage from Gilt last year and I spent $170 before shipping!  It was also a 22 inch, but in taupe color (like a light tan-ish color).  I have since found out that it is way better to have a dark colored luggage - that one's already got dirt marks and stains from only a couple uses.  So, I bought the one from Ruelala last week, and I already received it tonight which is surprisingly fast!

One of the reasons I love Tumi luggages is because they are very simple and classy looking with streamlined design.  I personally am not a fan of monograms or things with very obvious labels on them.  But even without the labels everywhere, you can spot a Tumi from a mile away because they are just always so slick and nice looking.  Of course I also love all the classic Tumi features such as the great quality, nice fabric, detail, the lock pad, cool luggage tags, GPS global tracking, many pockets/removable pouches for different uses, etc. etc. 

This luggage has all of the above.  The only thing is that I wish it came with a removable garment bag and hanger, like my other Tumi.  Not that I REALLY need that, but it's nice to have if I pack dresses or jackets, or take short business trips and can pack a suit.  And have the option to remove the garment bag if I go on a more casual trip.  

I've found that my Tumi luggages can usually fit a lot more stuff than they look.  I guess the designs are just great.  I don't like having to check my luggage unless I absolutely have to - I have anxiety issues about my luggage getting lost (happened before), and it also saves tons of time not having to wait for luggage after landing.  But I'm not a light packer either.  However, I've packed a week's worth of winter clothes in my 22 inch carry on when I went to Colorado for Christmas last year, including all the hair stuff, makeup, toiletries, shoes, hoodies and heavy pants and sweaters.  Though to be fair, I also had a duffel bag as well.  Still, it was very cool.  I'm so happy to have another one.  Now I just need to book a trip somewhere and I can travel in style!

On a side note, I also received my latest HauteLook order (I guess shopping on these sites is all I do now) of Matty M stuff - I don't like them and will be returning them.  I don't know what I was thinking buying them in the first place and spending over $100 on these.  I ordered size S in them which I should have ordered XS as they are way too big.  But the product pictures stated the model was wearing size S so I thought XS would have been too small.  Ugh.

They look way cuter on the model.  In person the material and quality seem cheap and the style nothing special.  Boooo... I thought the zip up sweater would have been cute and comfy for work during the summer business casual dress days when I don't have meetings.  But it's too sloppy and doesn't fit right.  It is soft and comfy though, but I know I won't wear it.  The gray tunic is way too big and the neck line goes down way too low, especially due to the heaviness from the chains.  Oh well, I guess I'll be getting credit back and most likely won't have a problem finding other things to spend it on!

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