Thursday, January 9, 2014

Express Stuff Again!

Another Express package came!!  I actually ordered it before Christmas.  It was super slow coming my way this time!  I think it was lost for a little along the way because the tracking kept saying delivery date had been pushed.  Maybe it's because of the weather.  I hear it's been bad in other parts of the country!  I have no idea, it's 75 here lol.

Sooo... I absolutely love everything I ordered!!  I'm excited, because normally I return at least a couple things.  But this time I'm so happy with everything.  Let's start with this t-shirt.  I love the trend of having a cute animal design on the front of a top, but I hadn't purchased anything like that until now!  The Scoop Neck Burnout Graphic Tee with wolf print on the front!  It's on sale now for only $19, and then there's another 40% off on top of it.  So it's almost free.  I love it because the material is super soft and I love the long length.  I got it in size S because I wanted a longer and looser fit since it's such a casual tee.

So size S definitely fits loose, which is exactly what I wanted.  In person, the wolf print is a bit metallic so it looks very cool!  

Next, I got these Stella Brushed Sateen Leggings in black camouflage, for such a good deal!  Like 10 bucks lol.  You guys should totally get them before they sell out.  I actually have these in regular camo and I've worn them quite a bit.  But they are getting too big for me.  So when I saw these I decided to get them so I can retire the other ones.

I got these in size 0, and they are a perfect fit!  Super comfy... they are also shorter than the regular camo ones I have in size 2.  So they are actually ankle leggings on me, whereas I'd fold the cuffs with the size 2.  Here I am in both the tee and the leggings:

So you can't see the print that well at all in the above pic, but they look like how they look online in person:

I also got the Scuba Leggings, which I am going to keep and will return the Scuba Mesh Inset leggings I got a couple weeks ago at the store.  I think I just like solid pleather look better.  Same as the mesh ones, I got them in size XS.  They are a little challenging to put on, since they aren't very stretchy at all.


I also got two more Crochet Trim Tees!  I had bought one in the store before Christmas, in size XS and color stone.  But I ordered black and powder pink both in size S because I wanted a longer length and a slightly looser fit.  I think this top runs a bit small so XS is kind of skin tight.  I think pink looks a little better on me than stone does as well.  They are pretty close so I only want to keep one.

Here are the two tanks on the model:

I really like the style of this tank, because I think they would be one of those pieces that you can just grab when you can't decide what to wear.  They are safe choices, but cute too!  Will go with literally everything and any occasion.

Here they are on me:

Next I got this Bateau Neck Sheer Stripe Sweater in pitch black.  I really really like this one.  It feels great on, not scratchy at all.  I love that there's mesh stripes in the design so whatever colored tank you have on underneath will show through.  The downside though, is that you kinda have to wear a tank under.  I got it in size XS, but I actually think I want to exchange it for a size S so I can have a longer length.  If they don't have it in store though, I will keep the XS.

It looks like they just put a black tank under it on the model:


Here it is on me with nothing under except a black bra.. I guess that kind of works, but I wouldn't rock it like that:


I put on a red tank under it, so you can see the details of the sweater better too:

Here's a close up - don't mind the size sticker!  I don't want to take it off if I'm going to exchange it.

Lastly, I got this Metallic Herringbone tank for only $10 and it's actually a really cool print.  Some kind of metallic thread is used to weave into the fabric in the front, but the back is regular cotton.  I got it in size S but kind of wish I had XS to compare.  It flares out a little around the hips, and is quite long.  So it's not the most flattering there.  But maybe I can wear it tucked in like how they have it on the model:


Here it is on me... if they don't have a XS at the store, I'll keep this as well:


Here's the close up - I think it actually shows the material quite well here:

Here's the side view that shows the back is just plain black:

Anyways, pretty good scores I think!  I'm happy with these and I think I'm set at Express for a while... hahaha... unless I go to the store to return and find something else to buy, which.. will probably happen!  :)

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  1. Love this post! I also really enjoy your weekly workout log - it's so helpful and motivating! Could you do a post on what you pack in your gym bag to get from the gym to work? I've recently started doing that and am constantly forgetting things or bringing unnecessary things.

    Thanks and love your blog!

    1. I actually only bring clothes and shoes to change into, water bottle and gloves! My hair bands and bobby pins are always in my purse, and my gym provides towels. They only validate parking for 2.5 hours so I don't even have enough time to shower there usually lol. So I just wear my sweaty clothes home and shower later.


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