Friday, October 16, 2015

Christian Louboutin Griff Cutout Pump Cyclamen

I'm worried that I'm developing a slight addiction to Christian Louboutin shoes, since they are so expensive!  But I was on Tradesy the other day and saw these beautiful pumps called Griff Cutout Pump, Cyclamen.  Weird name.  They've been sold out, but I guess they retailed for about $995!  Tradesy was offering 10% off all Louboutin items (they do this occasionally with different brands), so I was able to get brand new ones for $350.  Not too bad compared to the $995 original price, but still very expensive!  I just really like the design, and how there is a peep of red lacquer paint on the peep toe.  Maybe I should sell one of my black Bianca style to finance these lol.

Aren't they pretty!!  Hahaha.  I like the unique style, and somehow I always find slingback style to be the most comfortable type of high heels.  These are 5 inches high, but the platform is an inch so they are equivalent to 4.  I got these in EU size 36, which is the same as my Biancas.  I think they do run slightly tighter, but not enough to size up in my case.  Happy about that, since they aren't exactly returnable lol.

As I mentioned already, I love the red peep toe that shows in the front.  It gives a little pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit! 

So here they are on me up close:

By the way, I had a fun little experiment with the sticker on one of the soles of these shoes.  You know how these things can be so hard to remove from the bottom of your shoes?  I usually end up not even bothering with removing them.  But I found out a while ago that apparently you can put peanut butter on it, let it sit for a few minutes, and it just wipes right off.  So I gave it a shot.  Lol.

I used creamy peanut butter of course!

After a few moments, I wiped off the excess peanut butter and then the label did start peeling off a lot easier!  I think I should have let it sit a little longer though.  But I was impatient, and some of the peanut butter started running towards the leather fabric of the shoe!  

So after I cleaned it off, there was still a very very thin layer of the stickiness left.  I think if I had left the peanut butter on longer, it would have taken care of this layer too.  So I went back for round 2 with just a little bit more peanut butter.

After round 2, and a little bit of forcefulness, all the stickiness was removed!  How fun!

This also smells yummy hahaha.  It probably works with any oil based product though, not limited to peanut butter.  I think the oil soaks into the stickers, and after soaking for a while, the sticker comes off.  Makes sense.  

Now I am going to wait until my Zagg InvisibleShield ipad cover to arrive so I can put it on the bottom of these shoes to protect the red sole like I did last time.  Geez, Louboutin shoes are a lot of work!  But I do love them though.  I think I'm just going to wear them all the time from now on instead of treasuring them and having them become museum pieces.  Expensive shoes are meant to be worn right!!  =D

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