Saturday, August 8, 2015

More Tiger Serrano Sneakers!

After I got my very first pair of Onitsuka Tiger Serrano Sneakers in bluebell from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a couple weeks ago, my friend who works for Asics got me 2 more pairs!  I'm in love with both pairs.  The first pair is very different, because they are from the special Tokidoki collection that just launched in July!  I didn't really know what Tokidoki was, but apparently it is a Japanese lifestyle inspired brand started by Italian artists.  My bf tells me that Japanese street style is big in Italy, which I also didn't know.  Hmmm how interesting.  They sell clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. using their iconic characters and they partner up with different brands from time to time.  I think this design on the Tigers is super cute!!  Love the mint and white color combo too.

How adorable is the character on the side of the heel!

Even the box is special... it's got the characters on it too!

In fact, here's the Tokidoki box and regular Tiger box side by side:

 And here they are next to the second pair I got - inside of the box is the same:

So the second pair I got is also available at Nordstrom.  But here it is on the Tiger website.  The color is Monaco Blue / Cameo Pink.  I love this color combo too!  I've actually been looking for a pair of shoes in this shade of blue, since I have so many tops in this color.  I like the pink and silver stripes next to it too.

As you can see, these sneakers are very low rise so you must wear no-show socks, or sock liners with them.  Otherwise it just doesn't work.  Most of my socks show with these shoes on.  But because of that, I think they look better with shorts or skirts than regular sneakers - the little extra bit of ankle skin that shows makes the legs look longer I think!  Or maybe I'm just crazy.  =P

I wore them today with my Victoria's Secret wrap skirt and Splits59 Ashby tanks for a sporty look:

Since I have already worn my bluebell sneakers to the gym, I know these can be worn to workout in as well.  That makes them super versatile, since I never wear my other workout shoes casually!  So I'm very happy with these.  In fact, I also kind of want to get the fuchsia/white combo from Nordstrom... I just really really love ombre looks (when they are done right) lol.

I just realized that my Tokidoki shoes in mono mint match my new Titika Reveal top in mint ombre... lol!  I will have to wear them together now!


  1. Do you find the shoes run tts? I read some reviews that said to size down. Thanks!

    1. Yes they are true to size for me! I would actually say size up half a size instead of down, if you are in between sizes. My feet are on the narrow side and I usually size down in shoes. But these fit me just right.


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