Monday, March 10, 2014

Lululemon Wunder Under Crops in Wee Are From Space Fatigue Green

I bought another pair of Lululemon wunder under crops!  I love these!!  They are the wee are from space fatigue green ones that were uploaded online a few weeks ago that I missed out on.  But they finally came to the stores near me.  By the way, when I called the store asking if they got these last week, my bf heard me say the name out loud and was like "what did you just say?!?".  Then he really entertained himself by repeating the name over and over again.  So, don't say these silly names out loud if you don't want people to make fun of you.  :)

I don't usually gravitate towards these space dye crops.  But I do really like the colors in this one, and of course the Ivivva Rhymic crops that I just got as well.  So I *needed* these. 

I literally took a lunch break and picked them up last week.  Of course I did not have time to try them on.  I grabbed my regular size 4.  When I got home, I put them on and was actually very pleased with them!  The material is amazing in these crops.  Unlike the recent denim material used in the camo and milky way wunder under crops, these are regular luon.  But it feels real nice!  Thick, soft and not sheer.  True to size as well.  

I gotta say, I love the color of these crops in person.  Fatigue green looks almost brown to me, when it's next to the teal (bali breeze?).  But when the two colors are mixed together, the result is just the right shade of green for me.  Because I didn't want super bright teal tights, and I didn't want fatigue tights since that is very close to my Beyond Yoga gathered leggings in mojave.  But I do not own any bottom in this colored green yet!  :)

Here they are on me.  I think they will actually go with a lot of tops.  I like yellow with them, but I also think orange and purple will work wonderfully as well.  But when I wear them to the gym this week (probably tomorrow), I think I will go for a bit of a monotoned look by pairing them with a lighter teal, like the Splits59 ashby tank in yucca (exactly the same as Lululemon's aruba).  I think I need green shoes too!

Anyways, here are a few pictures of them on me!

Here are the close up looks of the color mixture:

I'm sorry my butt is getting so big... LOL!  I totally just realized after I took these pictures.  Maybe it's the angle, because I don't think it looks that big in real life!  =P

Anyways, I'm actually really really excited about these!  Definitely more than I thought I would.  But I think unless Lululemon uploads the fatigue camo Mod Moves crops, then I'm done buying crops for a while!  I washed about half of my crop collection this weekend, and let's just say... it was an eye opener lol.  How come there are so many things I forgot I had?  Hmmm... Guess I'll be posting more things to the sale page!  :)

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  1. Love these! Just bought a pair for myself! I especially loved how they paired with the white converse, will have to pick up a pair for myself :) could you do a post on how your morning routine is working out for you? like what you carry in your gym bag and how you carry your work clothes?

    1. I LOVE the pic Lulu used of these crops with the white converse. Makes me want to buy converse almost. Lol. I think this pic really sold it to me.

      I am definitely planning on doing a "what's in my gym bag" post. I have so many beauty products to share that I haven't had time to post about! I will try to do it next week!

  2. The crops are cute.

    I picked up a pair of Glyder Mantra crops in sea glass space dye that are similar. I really like them although the sizes are strange. I wear an 8 at lululemon and a small in the glyder bottoms.

    1. I haven't tried anything from Glyder. I've seen some blue space dye crops from them before that looked cute.

  3. Love the color of these crops! (And your butt is not big- they look very nice on you).

  4. I am waiting ont he camo mod moves too. I wish us both luck.


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