Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lululemon Top Speed Crop & If You're Lucky Tank in Heathered Black

I walked over to Lululemon tonight to return the cyber stripe Inspires (decided I couldn't live with the mis-matched stripes) and my whole order from the If You're Lucky line.  But instead of returning, I ended up exchanging a couple items!  I got the Top Speed Crop in cyber stripe instead, and the If You're Lucky tank in a size up in black.

I don't think the Top Speed Crop in cyber stripe has been uploaded online yet.  But the stripes line up on these!  They are $98, so $2 more than the Inspires.  I'll pay $2 more to have lined up stripes haha.

The If You're Lucky tank hadn't been unpacked at the store yet.  But one of the girls brought them for me from the back.  I'm glad she did because I like the size 6 much better in this tank.  Also I love the heathered black version of it in person.  It just looks the best out of all the colors.  Now the tank looks more like how it fits the model:

Too bad they were out of size 4 in the If You're Lucky LS tee, otherwise I might have been tempted by it.  I looked at the other black ones they had and the black color definitely hides flaws better, unlike my cheap looking white one that reminds me of a mosquito net.  Oh well.

Anyways, here are the tank and crops on me:

The tank is actually now a bit more low cut in the size up in the neckline and the armpits.  But I like how the body fits better and looser.  The girl at the store told me that everyone who has tried it on so far (which I'm assuming have been only people who work there) has liked the size up better.  

When I compared the black and white ones side by side, the black just looks better made, and the black mesh has a more subtle feel.

The online color description for this black tank says heathered black/black/raspberry glo light.  But I think the raspberry glo light part is a mistake.  There's no pink anywhere on the tank.  The white and bark berry ones had the pink stripe down the back.  But the black one has a dark teal color (I'm guessing it's alberta lake?).  The online photo shows that as well:

And in person:

The material in the Top Speed crops is exactly the same as the Inspire crops in cyber stripe.  The Inspires have a rather large black mesh portion on the back.  But the entire Top Speed crop is in the cyber stripe print, which I like better.  They also have a very wide waistband which is always a good thing since they will smooth out the tummy area.  The description says medium rise, but the rise is quite high on me, going up to my belly button.  

For some reason how the stripes line up on both legs makes me very happy.  I guess I feel like whoever made these actually paid some attention, so I feel slightly better spending $98 on them lol.  I remember back in the day when Lulu crops were like $60ish.... those days are long gone.

There's a cute zipper pocket on the left side.  It's not that big though.  I never use zipper pockets.  But sometimes when they are on the back of the waistband, the zipper pull hurts me when I'm doing sit ups.  So I always like it better when the zipper is on the side.  There's also a hidden waistband pocket.

I do like the look of these lines down the crops.  I think lines like these always give a slimming look:

This is how it looks from the back:

This is what the waistband looks like from the back:

Despite all the lines, I don't feel any scratchiness when I have them on.  So all the seams seem to be locked down on the inside.

I'm definitely much happier with these items I exchanged.  I also got some new closet storage system, so I have a lot more room to store my workout clothes... lol!  I used to live by a rule that if I couldn't fit anymore items into my dressers, I would have to sell something before buying anything else.  Now I can keep a lot more, I might be in trouble!  =P


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I wasn't interested in these items before, now I want both! Haha.


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