Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Funday!

This was a crazy week for me!  On top of my bf's parents coming into town, I had to get to work extra early so I couldn't go to the gym before work.  My routine was totally messed up!  I spent my free time after work and on the weekend entertaining the parents too lol.  It's a lot of pressure when people are staying with you for an extended period of time.  You have to make sure the house stays nice and clean, and think of good restaurants to go to and things to do.  They are super nice people though, so it's alright.  But I will still be glad to have my house back by this time next week!  

I managed to get in 5 workouts this week, despite all the distractions.  In a way, I felt like spending a couple hours at the gym after work was easier than coming home and dealing with people lol.  (I think I would be a really bad mom.)  I also needed the gym time, since we've been eating out so much!

Oh, on a side note, I have an update on my stolen package from Sephora!  As I mentioned last week, the concierge at my building delivered my Sephora package to the door and it was stolen before I ever saw it.  When I was attempting to find out what the building policy was regarding stolen packages, I found out that the particular guy that left the package at my door did so against policy.  He did not want me to tell the building management in fear of losing his job.  He is a super nice guy, so I didn't want to get him in trouble.  Then he actually reimbursed me out of his own pocket.  I felt SO bad about it, since $200 probably means a lot more to him than to me.  I wanted to just pretend like I went to a nice dinner and forget about it, rather than taking his money.  It was just a shitty situation for everyone.  But a couple days later, I called Sephora again to check on the status of my case, and they  actually had decided to eat the loss!  So they are sending me a replacement package.  Needless to say, I am pretty stoked about it since I will be getting my stuff and the nice concierge guy can keep his money.  He did assure me that he would never leave my packages outside of my door again.  So I think all is good now and I can breathe a sigh of relief.  So thankful I ordered from a place like Sephora and they were able to take care of this situation.  I love them even more now!  I'll probably buy from them some more items I don't need, just because they made me happy lol.

So, here are my workouts and outfits this week!

Monday 4/27
What I did:  Strength #1

What I wore:  Titika Tulip tank in deep purple with Lorna Jane Lustre sport bra in sparkle fluro orange under.  Lululemon Wunder Under crop in black camo, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in venom purple.

Lululemon Be Present jacket in coco pique as to and from:

Tuesday 4/28
What I did:  Strength #2.

A little too busy in the back now... haha:

Wednesday 4/29 - Rest

Thursday 4/30
What I did:  Strength #3

What I wore:  Titika Monarch tank in watermelon heather, with Lorna Jane Lola bra in sparkle gray under.  Lululemon Top Speed crop in cyber stripe, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4s in ash.

Nike Dri-Fit Epic crew in volt as to and from:

Friday 5/1
What I did:  Last strength session of the week!

What I wore:  I got a new tank the other day - Puma Mesh It Up tank, so I wore it.  Lorna Jane Quick Step bra under.  Athleta Chaturanga capri in purple plaid, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in fusion pink/atomic mango.

Saturday 5/2 - Rest

Sunday 5/3
What I did:  Since I've been eating so much, I felt like I had to do some extra cardio lol.  So I did like 75 minutes on a combination of the stair master and treadmill.

What I wore:  Lululemon Energy SL in potion purple with Free to Be bra in power purple under.  Lululemon Ebb & Flow crop in black, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in ash again.

Turns out, I really needed the extra workout because I ate a lot again at dinner tonight... hahaha.  We went to Animal, which is one of the best restaurants in LA, according to many sources.  Every time I go there, I leave happy.  So I guess it's true.  I wore my Pleione faux wrap blouse (love this blouse since I literally wear it casually as well as to work on business dress days) with Joe's Niya Curvy Skinny Jeans and Vince Camuto Norita pump in bittersweet grapefruit.  I love the pop of color from these shoes!

To complete the outfit, I wore my Vince Boucle Scuba jacket with leather sleeves, and Balanciaga City bag.

I took tomorrow and Tuesday off work, so I'll be playing tourist some more!  Happy I don't have to go to work for a while longer, but I hope I don't gain like 10 pounds from the extra yummy food I'll be eating lol.  Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Nice to see that you got you package replaced, but not so nice that someone in your building has a habit of taking things that don't belong to them, be careful

  2. You should put a decoy package out to see if you can catch the thief!

  3. So happy everything worked out for all parties involved with the stolen package. Major props to Sephora for their excellent customer service. Reading your account reminds me why I love shopping with them. Agree with the previous comment about a decoy package, only you should place some dog doo-doo in the box to further deter this thief.

  4. Yay for Sephora and Boo for your sucky neighbour. Although the Concierge person made a mistake, it was nice that he remedied his error.

    Love all the outfits and the colour of the Titika tanks. I really like the Lulu Comp Jkt. It's a lot of work for you to put your blog posts together and I enjoy reading them.

  5. I was actually thinking the same thing about the decoy package! I am considering a peephole camera. Once I get the replacement Sephora package (sent to my work), I can use the box! =D


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