Thursday, March 6, 2014

More Lululemon Camo Stuff!

At this point I feel like these posts should come with hash tag of #buyallthecamo!  =P  My camo obsession continues with more items from this week as well as my latest online order on Monday night!  By the way, that was such a painful experience.  Maybe too many people were trying to order at once, but I could not get my order through for the life of me!  I literally was on my laptop, phone and ipad at the same time and clicked on refresh like 500 times!  LOL!  I figured I would probably either get nothing, or get a bunch of duplicate orders.  But somehow I got 2 confirmation emails with different items, and no dups!  And I never saw the "your order is successful" page either.  I figured as long as they sent me order confirmation email and put a hold on my credit card, I was probably good to go.  Ordering yoga pants should not be this difficult...

So I got word that my Lulu store got the wunder under crops in black camo on Monday... I love this app lol.  I can do it while I'm at work, or anywhere else!

Hmmm what's a girl to do when this happens and she is at work in downtown?  Why, ask a friend to pick them up of course!  So my friend who works very close to the Beverly Hills store hopped over and got a pair for me!  She said there were others asking about them while she was there, and they hadn't even unpacked the boxes yet!  That's craziness.  

I didn't meet up with her until last night though.  So on Monday night when the Chase Me Crop in black camo was also uploaded, I decided to get them too just in case I didn't like the wunder under crops.  I need options!  

I also ordered the fatigue green camo cool racerback and the wunder under crops in Milky Way Angel Blue/ Ambiant Gray/ Black. 

I wasn't even that crazy about the milky way print at first, but I saw them on a girl at the store over the weekend and they looked great!  Of course the store was all sold out, except every girl working there was wearing a pair.  I can't believe they can proudly tell their customers with a straight face that this pattern was sold out within a day, while wearing them.  Umm.. hello?!?  Lululemon needs to put a policy in place to not allow employee discounts on new release items, say... for 2 weeks after release.  If they buy them at full price, then fine, I cannot argue with that.  But customer (and profit) first should be the correct business practice!  Not giving hot products away at 40-60% off to employees first.  I do not know any other store that allows this nonsense.  Even Lego has policies to prevent this type of thing.  Ugh!  I'm getting pretty tired of chasing down pants all over town or spending an hour trying to give them 300 bucks only to get the same error message over and over again.  

Anyways, mini rant there.  But I do have to say that I looooove the new denim material they are using in these wunder under crops!  I got the black camo ones from my friend last night and as soon as I put them on, I just knew they would be a winner.  They are not like old school denim luon, or slub denim, which were kind of stiff.  The new denim is soft yet compressive and totally opaque.  Still true to size.  It feels really nice and looks more expensive.  Yay!  Love!

Here are the black camo wunder under crops with the fatigue green camo cool racerback!

I love black camo!  It's subtle but definitely noticeable.  Very cool looking!  I can't wait to wear them.  The fatigue camo cool racerback has high polyester content.  But it feels A LOT better than the one from the previous run a few years ago.  I just remember putting it on and immediately wanting to take it off.  This one is not as soft as regular luon, but I don't mind the feel of it at all.  

Let's be honest, these pictures don't really sell this top.  There's weird bunching on the back... I don't think any of my cool racerbacks do that.  I almost didn't buy it after looking at these photos.

You can tell the polyester content from this close up shot... I was worried:

Here it is on me... I'm glad I bought it because I like it better on me... LOL!  #truth #imsomodest #ilikehashtags  :D  :D  :D  Ok, maybe it is past my bed time and I'm being weird now... hahaha!

I also received my black camo Chase Me Crops today and they are a silky shiny material.  Definitely different from the wunder under crops.  Sorry, these screen shots taken from my phone are not that great.  But this is the order that went through on my phone lol:

I got them in my normal size 4 but they are really snug!  They dig in at the waist as well as the calves.  I don't really mind this shiny material, but I don't love it either.  It's kind of meh.  I do like the satiny stripes though... very Splits59 like!  And the side pockets are nice.  The lower back calves are black mesh, so you do get a little bit less of camo!  I think I would definitely prefer the wunder under crops for $16 less than these.  So I'll probably return these.  

I took some comparison pictures of the wunder under crops and chase me crops side by side.  It's not too obvious in the photos, but you can definitely tell that the chase me crops are shiny whereas the wunder under crops are matte.  The chase me crops are 70% polyester and the wunder under crops are 70% nylon.  The sheen takes away some of the pattern I think, so the camo looks a little less obvious in the chase me crops.

Chase Me crops on left, WUC on right

Chase Me Crops on top, WUC on bottom

Ok, lastly, I got the wunder under crops in milky way today too!  I love them more than I thought I would!  I think they chose a bad pattern placement pair for the online photos.  The front barely has any angel blue:

Back is better, but almost looks like a different pair of pants:

Same awesome denim material:

I like the pattern placement of the pair I got!  It's pretty evenly distributed.  Wore with my heathered angel blue cool racerback.  I like this combo and since the bright blue in the print is also angel blue, it is a perfect match.

These fit true to size as well.  They are super nice and comfy.  

So, while the milky way pattern is pretty wild, I actually think they will go with a lot of things.  The print has black, gray, white, light purple, blue, dark blue and dark purple.  So they'll go with all those colors and totally different ones if you want to make a big statement!

I really cannot wait to wear all my new stuff!!  I think I might have had enough camo though!  I've been buying and spending a lot at Lululemon lately.  But I feel ok about it, since for a while I didn't buy anything there.  When Lululemon does it right, it can be really great!

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  1. Hey there, thanks for your great blog! What app are you using to talk to your lululemon store?

    1. Thank you! The app is called TalkTo. One of my readers told me about it and I love it! The app calls retail stores for you so you don't have to! You can search for stores near you that use it. But I've only used it to talk to Lululemon. Their response varies by store. But most of the time they get back to me relatively quickly.

  2. Bummed to get your review on the Chase me crops:( Mine come tomorrow and I ordered my tts 4 plus a size 6. I wonder if sizing up would help? Oh well, I already have the camo WUC so I'm a happy camper. With the upload craziness I was only able to order a size 2 camo crb which is what I normally wear, did intend on getting a 4 as well to compare. What size do you wear in CRB's? Was this one tts for you? Thanks!!

    1. Yes true to size! You'll be fine with the cool racerback. Perhaps the size up in the chase me would work too... I just like the wunder under material better so I'm not going to bother trying to them in a size 6.

    2. Oh and I wear size 4 in crb just for reference :)

  3. There's no such thing as too much camo. I went crazy with the new camo WUC (will likely return because I have the older version of their black camo crops), camo chase me crop (i'm excited for these and I actually like the shiny effect from photos), camo CRB, camo forme, and already have the camo speeds.

    Also, I don't really like the milky way print, but you are rocking it!!!!

    1. Hahaha I restrained myself from getting the form jacket. I saw so many cute pics of it since the upload though! I don't mind the shine of the fabric on the chase me. I would definitely be a lot more tempted to keep them if I didn't already have the wuc.

  4. I somehow managed to order the camo WUs and Chase Me Crop in the Monday night upload and received both items yesterday. The WUs are awesome, but the Chase Me Crops no so much. I like that they are opaque, however the fit was off for me in the calf area as you described – too snug and constricting. Overall they fit a snug TTS, but the calf area is so uncomfortable. Also the material seems very synthetic, rough, and feels like it won’t breathe well during intense sweaty workouts. Since I’d wear these primarily for running and weight lifting they are a no-go for me. Also the price is really steep at almost $100 with taxes.

    I SO agree with your comments regarding employees buying up everything. I live and shop at the same lulu stores as you and I find it frustrating when a popular item sells out right away, yet every employee (usually a size 4 like me) is sporting it and prancing around singing, “Sorrrrrrrry, it’s sold out! They were SO popular!!” Because of this I now rarely buy in store and choose to gamble with the late night online uploads.

    1. I returned my Chase Me crops today. All the girls at the store were woo-ing over them because I guess they haven't gotten them yet. I'm pretty sure they went to someone who works there vs. out onto the floor for sale. Lol. It's seriously losing profit for the company and infuriating customers at the same time.

      I hear ya... it's like all the girls that work in this area wear size 4!! When I lived in Brentwood, I frequently shopped at the Brentwood store (could walk there, so nice!) and size 4 was always the first to go, and size 10 and 12 always had great selection on the sale rack.


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