Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Loving Joe's Jeans!

I had been wanting a couple pairs of "normal" jeans to add to my collection.  I've been buying kind of novelty prints/colors, and I realized that sometimes you just need a good ol' pair of blue jeans.  I have tried many different denim brands, and I just think Joe's Jeans fit me the best.  My very first pair of Joe's Jeans were from yeeeeeears ago, and the style was honey booty boot cut.  Then I got the white honey skinny fit at the outlet a few months ago.  They are just better than my other jeans, I don't know what to say other than that.  They are supposed to be for more curvaceous figures.  I think they are a bit higher rise on the back than regular cut, cuz you know, you give you more coverage for the bootay.  =P  For some reason, it just works really well for me.  I can wear them all day comfortably and I never have to worry about pulling them up.

Anyway, they were on Ruelala for pretty decent prices (most of the styles were selling $69) so I took the chance to stock my closet with 2 more pairs!  I got one pair in dark wash and one pair in light wash.  I'm pretty much all set now!

The dark wash is actually called "curvy skinny".  I'm not sure what the difference between "curvy" and "honey" is.  Although I can only find "curvy" style on their website.  So maybe "honey" is the older name?  Maybe it's only available at the outlets now?  I know for a fact that when I bought my honey jeans, they were at Bloomingdale's.  I'm not sure what happened in the last few years since I haven't been following the brand (I got into workout clothes lol), but I find the curvy and honey styles that I got this time to be pretty similar.  Other than the booty fit, I also really like that they are not super tight fitting around the ankles.  They are more like skinny straight leg.  I got them both in size 26.

Here are the Niyah Curvy Skinny jeans:

Here's what I meant by the slightly looser fit around the ankles instead of being super form fitting all the way down.  Oh yeah, I also had folded them up a couple times because their inseam is like 33 inches long and I'm only 5'5.  I think it also looks good to leave them unfolded and scrunched up though.

And these are the Honey Skinny Kali jeans:

Same fit around the ankles here:

I don't see Joe's Jeans that often on these flash sale sites, so I'm glad I was able to get these!  I've actually already worn both pairs a couple times on the weekends.  This is also good timing weather wise, since we are finally seeing the temperatures cool down a little.  I can't wait to be able to wear them with boots!

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