Friday, May 8, 2015

Lululemon High Times Pant & Wunder Under Crop in Diamond Jacquard

I bought 2 pairs of Lululemon tights during their Tuesday upload this week.  They are both in the diamond jacquard material so I just had to do it!  I have the wunder under crops in bumble berry flaming tomato in this material and it is very nice.  It's thick and very compressive, completely opaque and very pretty to look at!  A little hot for cardio though, but I do weights most of the time anyway.

I got the High Times Pant in Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Naval Blue Jewelled Magenta, and the Wunder Under Crop Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Slate Clarity Yellow.

I got both in size 4, my regular size.  But this material fits tight so you can probably size up, especially if in between sizes.  You can tell based on the model pics above that the wunder under crops even cut into the model on the sides of the waist.  They fit exactly the same as the bumble berry ones, if you have those.  Definitely not for bloaty days lol.

I have been loving my first and only pair of High Times pant in cyber stripe silver fox, and the diamond jacquard jewelled magenta ones looked so pretty that I knew I couldn't go wrong with them!  This color tone is a great neutral, which goes with everything.  These fit tighter than my cyber stripe silver fox ones, but since the rise is so high in the High Times pant, I think true to size is the way to go.

The only thing I'm not crazy about is the dark stitching.  I would prefer it to be the same color as the rest of the pants.  But it doesn't bother me as much as some other contrasting looks I've seen before.

Super high rise...

Love the dark logo:

Super up close of the print:

So I think these are definitely a keeper!

The wunder under crops are quite pretty too.  I just have a little bit of reservation regarding the lightness of the color.  It reminds me of the earl gray color Lululemon had a little while ago.  Like a light greenish gray.

These have matching stitching color!

I think I'll probably keep these!  I don't think I have any other crops in this color, but I'll have to double check!

The inside of the waist is actually the bright clarity yellow color on these crops.  Here are the 2 pairs side by side, where you can see the color on the inside of the wunder under crops:

Oh yeah, I also caved and got the What'SUP Hat in Star Crushed Silver Fox Deep Navy.  I love the star crushed black cherry one I got a little while ago and have been eyeing the deep navy one.  It will match my Free To Be Wild bra exactly!

Yay!  Excited for my new pretty things!!  =D


  1. I bought both, too! And... a few other things :P I had figured I'd return some but now I don't want to return anything. Although, I agree that I am a little unsure about the color of the grey/clarity yellow crops... it's hard to pin down or something. I like it, though, although I wasn't a huge fan of the earl grey color

  2. I love them both on you. The colour combos within the prints are really pretty.


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