Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nike Forevergradient Tight!

I mentioned last week that I was really liking the Nike Forevergradient Tight but they have been sold out in smaller sizes on Nike's website forever.  I actually even contacted Nike to have them do a stock check for the stores near me, and all were sold out as well.  They had no information as to when or if these would get restocked.

But as luck would have it, I saw them at this boutique active wear store down the street from my house!  They were sold out of my size though, but the store has another location in LA which still had one pair left so they transferred them over for me and they are mine a couple days later.  Woohoo!  Apparently these sold like hot cakes, which is amazing since they are $150... and people complain about Lululemon's $100 leggings!

Notice anything weird about these photos?  When I first looked at the side photos, I thought it was weird that both sides looked the same, as clearly the front and back photos show that one leg has lighter blue than the other.  So I thought maybe Nike only took one side photo and just inverted it to use as the other side, which would have been uber dumb.  But then, I realized that the light blue side is the opposite from the front and back!  They are on the right leg on the front, and left leg on the back.  Mine are exactly the same as the ones the model is wearing.  Although remember my pics are taken through a mirror so they are inverted, but the light blue is still on the right leg!  I was happy that I didn't have to hunt down a particular "pattern distribution".  

In person, the print is just as pretty as I imagined.  I got them in size XS.  They are just a little bit too long for me if I wear them without folding in the bottom:

I just tuck in the bottom about an inch, and they are good to go - I do this with almost all my full length leggings, and it works perfectly well during workouts:

So the pattern consists of little dots.  I love the digital print look!  

These have a wide waistband and they have a pretty high rise - as you can see, pretty much to my belly button.  So they will stay in place.

There are also ties inside the waistband that you can use:

Back zipper pocket has mesh on the inside:

The material is 78% nylon and 22% spandex, which the website has right (unlike for these Legend tights I just posted about).  It's actually quite a nice feel - it's buttery soft and stretchy.  Like a softer and thinner version of Lululemon's luxtreme.  But here comes the only negative about these tights - they are pretty sheer!  Nooooo!!!  Why must all my ombre tights be sheer???  My Sweaty Betty Adrenaline ombre tights are the worst, my Lululemon giant houndstooth dip dye wunder under pants are sheer as well!  Ok, my Lululemon Live Natural ombre leggings are not sheer.  But this makes 3 out of 4 that are sheer!  Argh! 

Speaking of Sweaty Betty... these Nikes are kind of reminiscent of those.  But it's a prettier version.

The reverse side of these Nike tights is white, which I think contributes to the sheerness.  It would have been much better if the inside was darker...

Here's how sheer these can get - my two fingers underneath stretching the fabric:

Obviously, your butt wouldn't be stretching the fabric in this pointy manner like my fingers are lol.  But I just wanted to illustrate how sheer they can get.  When I wear them while bending over, you can see the label underneath.  Not as bad as my Sweaty Betty ones, but they are worse than the Lululemon ones.  I'm so sad about this.

So, I can't bring myself to let these go... They are just so pretty... I'm ashamed of myself for this lol.  I can wear them on non-squat days, and with a longer top, right??  I looked through my workout program for the past few months.  I actually do mostly hip thrusts now, instead of squats like I used to.  So I think they would work for most workouts.  

It's really too bad though - they are seriously perfect otherwise!!  Maybe I'll come to my senses and return them.  Oh wait, I already took the tag off lol.  Oops, guess I'm keeping them!  =P


  1. I've totally been lusting after these too! Can't believe they're sheer, that's SO disappointing. Ok, I *can* believe they're sheer, which is the sad part. :P Thanks for this review! Guess I won't be looking for these after all.

    1. Haha so true, I'm not above resorting to that. But probably only if I found them for like $60, not $150, lol. #poor

  2. I second nude undies - getting the last one of an item must be the best feeling! Great purchase!

  3. your blog is so fun to read, your opinions and fashion sense are great! I love workout clothes, it's all I wear, even out to the bar. my problem would be the fact that for sooo much money I couldn't wear them for everything I do. I teach barre, pilates and personal train. I do ALOT of bending in many ways in front of people, and I I can not and will not do sheer, even with nude undies, as an instructor I see a lot of people in see thru pants, and even with undies, its super uncomfortable.

    1. I hear ya! I would definitely not wear these if I were a fitness instructor! You're right, for so much money, they really should do better! I'll probably be a bit self-conscious while wearing them TBH, even if I don't do squats or anything that requires bending over. =/

  4. The first thing I thought was ...sheer. Even in the stock photos they look sheer in the bum.


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