Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sea Bleu Cashmere Reese Sweater & Puma Mesh It Up Tank

My latest sweater, which I got for an awesome deal on Gilt, has proven to be the perfect item for the weather we are having lately!  It is Sea Bleu Cashmere Reese Open Knit Crewneck Sweater which is now on sale for only $50!  Well, two colors are $50 and two colors are $49 lol.  It's 100% cashmere and super soft!  I love the open knit designs and tend to get this style a lot, because regular weight sweaters are just too hot for LA!  Besides, I like that open knit sweaters can have totally different looks depending on what colored tank you wear underneath.

I got this sweater in blue, size XS.  But I actually got it in coral, size S first.  It turned out to be way pinker in person than the online photos, and the size S was huge.  So I exchanged it for the blue one in XS.  XS is actually still quite roomy.

The coral one looks like a very light and soft pink on their pictures, but it is more like a bubblegum pink in person, which I do not like.

The blue one in person is more true to the stock photo colors.  Just a tad darker.  Here it is on me:

I cannot even express how soft and comfy this sweater is on lol.  I immediately took the tag off and wore it after I received it.  $50 is a great deal for a cashmere sweater!  It comes in gray and yellow too.

I also ordered the Puma Mesh It Up Layer Tank from Gilt.  

I ordered this tank in size XS, since my other Puma mesh tank that looks similar to this one is size S and HUGE!  But I wish I had this one in S!  the XS is not super tight, but I would like it looser and longer.  Argh!  Inconsistent sizing is the death of online shopping... for this brand at least!

The mesh in this tank is actually quite stretchy.  I love the subtle print design, but I just wish it was bigger!

This big logo on the hem is annoying - but easy to cut off:

Close up of the mesh design:

I couldn't exchange this one because the size S is sold out.  I was too lazy to return it, and since it's only like $22, return would have costed me $10 leaving me with almost nothing left anyway.  So I actually wore it already!  I do really like the mesh and how cool the material is.  It is great for spin class.

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