Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Zobha Leggings - Super Nice!

I had bought one pair of Zobha leggings before and was not too impressed with them.  I can't even remember why, but just kind of "meh".  But last weekend they were having 25% off for Super Bowl, and I started browsing their site.  Low and behold, I find all these cute new leggings!  It also seems that Zobha lowered their prices?!  I can't quite remember what their price point was before, but their leggings are now starting at $55.  They use nylon/spandex blend, so they are not flimsy polyester fabric either.  I ordered 2 pairs, as well as a top.

My order arrived today (super fast too!) and I am in love with both pairs of leggings!  They feel and fit so nice!  I got the Tummy Slimming Capri leggings in gull gray:

And the Straight Leg Capri in folkstone gray:

I knew Zobha ran a little large, so I had to get size XS in the capris.  That was definitely the right call because even in XS, they are not super compressive.  Both styles have pretty wide waistband that is rather high rise.  It may not sound that attractive, but high rise really helps the bottom stay in place and smooths out any problematic tummy areas.  I really like everything about them - from the print, to the material, to the fit and the length.  I think out of all the different brands I own, these Zobha leggings are closest to Lululemon's wunder under crops.  The material feels similar to luon, they have flat locked seams as well as a triangular gusset, and their logo is even on the same place on the back of the waistband.  The only difference is that they don't have a hidden waistband pocket.  But they are completely bend-test approved!

So here's the Tummy Slimming capris on me.  Although, the only difference I find between these and the Straight Leg capri is that the very top of the waistband is not very stretchy.  So it's actually a little harder to pull them over your butt when you are putting them on.  Both pairs have super wide waistband and the same rise, so I think they both have slimming properties.  These are $68 though, whereas the Straight Leg capris are $55.  I really like the geometric print!

Look how wide the waistband is!  It goes all the way up to my belly button too.

And here are the Straight Leg Capri.  This folkstone gray pattern is like a herringbone pattern.  I love anything herringbone!  These capris are called gray, but they look a bit bluish to me both on the photos and in person.

So here you can see that the waistband is equally as wide and as high rise as the more expensive Tummy Slimming capris above.  These are a great deal at $55!  Well, I also got 25% off so that's unbeatable value!

I also grabbed the Danica Draped Back tee in heathered lapis on my way to checkout.  I debated between size S and XS and went with the XS since it looks like it could run big.  I like the way it looks on their model a lot, but I think it's a bit too short for my liking in XS.  Zobha doesn't have an exchange policy, I guess, so I'd have to return this one and buy the size S at full price.  Meh, this top doesn't blow me away so I think I'll just return it.  I was attracted to it because of the back, of course!

Here's the size XS on me.  I think I'd like S better if it has more length.

Not too crazy about the side view either:

So, this top will be going back.  No biggie.  I am just super happy about the crops!  The Tummy Slimming leggings also come in full length, by the way!  They are only $2 more than the crop version lol.  $70 is still a very good price for leggings!

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  1. Really like the herringbone leggings! I think the top looks really cute on you and the shorter length allows you to show off the tank beneath :)

  2. They are having another sale this weekend. I was wondering if you think the xs is like a lulu 2/4 or a 4/6. Trying to determine whether to order a xs or a small!! Thanks for Your Help!!


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