Friday, December 12, 2014

Lululemon Items - Jackets & Crops!

I went to Lululemon today, as well as received my online order from Monday.  Apparently they started shipping from a new facility in Ohio??  So now it takes 5 freaking days to get my package.  When I first started ordering from Lululemon, they used to ship from LA and I'd get my package the next day.  Then they moved to Oregon and it would take 2 days to get my packages - not bad.  But 5 days is sooooo long!  Especially for Lulu.  I feel like I don't even want the stuff I ordered anymore by the time they get to me... lol!

Anyway, I decided to return some stuff from my order.  I also picked up a couple new items at the store.  So I think I'll start with what I like!

At the store, I got the new Be Present jacket in coco pique black (I don't think this one has come online yet but probably will next week), and the awesome wunder under crops in diamond jacquard space dye bumble berry flaming tomato.  I don't even think I realized when these were uploaded online, but they are there in all sizes.  I feel like they came out a while ago, around the time when I got my bumble berry Inspire crops.  Back then I felt these were too close in color to the Inspires so I didn't get them.  But they are actually a different shade!  More red for sure.  I love the texture!

Here's the jacket and crops on me:

So this is the first time I ever had to size up in a Lululemon jacket to a 6.  My usual size 4 was way tight, it reminded me of how the size 2 Define or Forme jacket fits me.  I don't like it that tight around the stomach.  Size 6 is much better.  It's slightly looser in the arms and stomach, but still quite fitted and does not look sloppy.  I think this is probably a size up item.

This jacket is so cute!  The collar is wide - I'm a big fan of this design feature.  I saw it hanging up and just knew it was going to be a good one!

Zippered side pockets:

When you zip up the front all the way, the collar covers half of your face lol:

I guess if it is really windy out, you can wear it like this:

I love the new feature on the cuffs - the black ribbed material covers the thumb hole!


You could just wear it folded back, but it looks a bit weird that way I think:

I love this feature because while I love thumbholes, I don't always use them.  When I don't use them, I feel weird that there's a hole in my cuffs.  So this solves my problem!  Very nice.

The crops I got in my usual size 4, though the material is quite thick and not as stretchy as regular luon.  So they feel way more compressive.  I still think size 4 is good though, especially if they stretch out during a workout.

I love this texture - it's like tweed, which is one of my favorite textures:

The online pictures show them pretty close to real life I think.  These are awesome and completely opaque, even in a deep squat.

On the other hand, these cute Ebb to Street pant I ordered online are not so opaque:

I ordered these pants in size 4 as well.  I thought the chevron print was super cute.  I don't own any Ebb to Street pants, but I did try them on in store when they first came out and liked them.  I'm just not too crazy about these pants though.  I got them for casual wear actually.  But I think the lines on them make them too "athletic looking" for casual wear.  Also the logo on the calf is too obvious.  I was willing to overlook these things if they turned out to be amazing.  But the rip tag can be seen even in a half bent position, so I don't want to waste my $92 on them.  I already returned them.

This light seam right down the middle really bothers me too... it's like "look at me down there" lol:

I hope Lululemon makes more bottoms in this print though!!  I'd totally buy them in wunder under crops or something.

I also got the sequin snake slate Inspire crops, which despite being pricey ($96), I think I will keep.  I'm a sucker for snake prints.  Can't help it.

These are full-on luxtreme.  I got them in size 4 too.  I like black prints that are a little bit different!  They are so much better than the gold sequin IMO.  I actually didn't even realize they were a faux sequin print.  I thought they were fish scales lol.

I don't normally like seams, but I actually like the look of these black seams on the back of these crops:

Ok last item I got online was the Emerge Renewed jacket in giant herringbone/black.  I actually kind of like this jacket.  Lululemon doesn't really sell their items that well in most online photos.

This photo is much better, they should have used it as the main one:

This jacket has some fit issues though.  So I returned it.  I ordered in size 4 as usual, and it is really tight!  I almost thought I wasn't going to be able to zip it up.  The black satiny material is not stretchy at all.  Here's what it looks like on me:

First one is zipped half way so it looks like a blazer - I love this look and how the lapels have herringbone print on the inside!  

Here it is zipped all the way up:

So when I have it half way zipped, I feel like the zipper will not stay put because of the tightness of the jacket.  It would probably just slide down if I walked around for a bit.  It's like the slippery kind of zipper that doesn't stay in place that well.  You can see the puckering around the zipper which shows that it is too tight:

Here's the side and back look:

Not too crazy about the back view - I think it would be better if the black and herringbone around the arms had a straight separation vs this weird curved in look:

The zippered pockets have a Lulu logo as the zipper pull:

I got this jacket thinking that MAYBE it would work as a blazer for work lol.  No go.  Not to mention the big ass Lulu logo on the back that is so obvious.  But that was a silly idea anyway.


I tried this jacket on in size 6 in the store, and while it was easier to zip up and felt looser, there was still puckering around the zipper on the front.  I also tried it in the nightfall/diamond jacquard space dye color combo below in size 6, and it was SO tight, like the same or tighter than the herringbone/black one in size 4.

I didn't take a picture, but this jacket has the same black ribbed cuffs that cover the thumbhole as the Be Present jacket above.

I think if this jacket goes on sale, I'll consider buying it back.  I do like the idea of it.  But I'm not going to spend $118 it.

Love the other stuff I'm keeping though!  

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  1. I love lots of this! Too bad the jackets are so tight though. Weird. I loved the Flurry Fighter PO and am super regretting not buying it now that I'm visiting family on the east coast! Brrrr. Lululemon was boring for a while for me but suddenly I feel like I want everything.

    1. Me too! It was super blah for a while and I didn't buy a single item from them in months. I've bought like 4 things in the last 2 weeks though. I think usually lulu has better fall/winter designs so maybe that's why. Not like I need more jackets where I live... Lol!

  2. Thanks for the fit reviews MSE! No one does actual Lulu fit reviews with pictures anymore so it's great to have an idea of fit and comfort. I'm really liking the Be Present jacket.

    I, too, dislike the white "look at my lulu' stamp they put on clothing. They should color blend the stamp to the material so it's less obvious. I swear sometimes I feel like a clown walking around with little white stamps from head to toe.

    1. Hahaha yeah I dislike that as well. If they hid their logo more, I'd wear their clothes more casually too. Now I really only wear them to workout in or as to and from.

      The Be Present jacket is great I think! All the pics I've seen of it looks super tight and a bit short on the girls. I think sizing up 1 or maybe even 2 sizes helps a lot.

  3. They still ship from Washington too. Only some of my orders now come from Ohio (which is great for me, because I receive them in 2 days) when they ship to me from Washington, it takes a full week! I never know which facility it's going to come from until I track my package

    1. I did notice that my order last week came from Washington or was it Oregon? Lol. I don't usually track my packages because they always show up on Thursday if I order in Tuesday. This time I was expecting it on Wednesday since I ordered on Monday. When it didn't arrive I thought it was lost! Hahaha

  4. Love this post! Thanks for the fit reviews and product details:). I picked up the bumble berry space dye WUCs the week they were uploaded and agree they are awesome. They're a bit warmer and like you mentioned, super compressive. The color is so fun for the holidays and fall/winter too. I'll definitely check out the Be Present jacket. It looks fab on you. Good to know it's a size up item.

    I wish they'd improve their shipping process with this new distribution center in the Midwest. I live in LA as well and it's so annoying to have to wait 5+ business days to receive my order. I can relate to losing interest in the items I ordered when the shipping time takes so long. Looking back I've returned all of the items that have come from Ohio I think in large part to the wait time.

  5. Love the BB crops!!! Do they feel more snug than normal luon wucs? I am thinking about ordering them.

  6. Hey ladies, just for your FYI. They will always try first and full fill your order from the closest warehouse to where you live. If it isn't possible then it will ship from the other one. The west coast is for sure Washington. It would always take the east coast people forever to receive their packages...

  7. I'm actually very grateful for the Ohio distribution center. I'm in DC, so packages took usually 8 days. Now I can order online and it will get here before next week's upload!

    As for the jacquard print, the flaming tomato ones were beautiful and I'm surprised they didn't sell out. Maybe they made too many? I bought the roll down WUP in Nightfall Diamond Jacquard and they are one of my favorite cozy Lulu bottoms. I sold most of my pique bottoms because I never wore black. Nightfall was perfect for me.

    If you like the pique bottoms, Ivivva just uploaded a bunch of colored pique/herringbone pants. I ordered the white pique ones and they are so stretchy...the 14 almost fit like an 8. For that reason, I only wear them for lounging, but I love them!


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