Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Hello everyone!  First of all, thank you so much for the birthday wishes!  I had such a great day/weekend!  I actually took a mini-weekend trip down to Orange County and hung out for a couple days.  I did a lot of laying out at the hotel pool yesterday!  In fact, I got a little sunburnt!  But only on half of my body lol.  It was an overcast day and after an hour or so we put the umbrella over our lounge chairs.  Since it was rather cloudy, I couldn't tell that apparently only half of my body was covered by the umbrella.  =/  So now I am half pink!  Sigh... it's not too bad though, so I hope it will just go away in a couple days.

Last night I actually ended up going to the OC Fair!  It was my first time there, and I couldn't believe how huge it was and how many people there were!  I was proud of myself for not eating a gazillion fried things though haha.  The only really bad thing I indulged in was this fried Snickers bar... but there were 4 of us and we shared it so I really only had 2 little bites.  I was mainly curious how it would taste, and I have to say it was really not that great.  =P

This is the inside... I didn't really taste the Snickers bar.  It kind of just tasted like melted chocolate inside of some fried dough haha.  Good thing I didn't waste too many calories on this.

On a side note, my mini birthday cakes that my boyfriend bought me were amazing though!  These were totally worth the splurge, and I DID splurge on them!  Ate them all in one sitting (with help) lol.  I love Asian desserts... they are not too sweet and very pretty!  Only a couple bucks a piece too lol.

Ok, back to the OC Fair... I had a lot of fun, and my favorite was the pig race!  They are SO cute!!  I now want a pet pig lol.  Here's the video I took.  They ran much faster than I anticipated, and they even jumped over hurdles!!

Anyways... next week I gotta work hard to undo the caloric damage done this weekend lol.  It's ok, one of the main reason I workout so much is so that I can eat.  I love eating!  =P

Because of my limited time last week, I only got in 4 workouts and only 1 cardio session.  But I did alter my 4th workout so that it had elements from both my 4th and 5th workouts.  My weight sessions are generally pretty tough and my heart rate goes up a lot.  Not to mention I sweat nonstop.  So I don't feel too terrible about missing a couple cardio sessions either.

Monday 7/28 - Rest day since I worked out 6 days last week nonstop from Tuesday - Sunday.  But I took pictures of my work outfit!  I am always happy to sneak in really comfy clothes into my work wardrobe.  I think Splendid is a great brand for that.  I wore my Splendid button down shirt with Express high waist pieced pencil skirt and Vince Camuto Dacoma pumps.  I think it looked pretty professional even though it felt like wearing pajamas lol.

Tuesday 7/29
What I did:  Lower body weight training.

What I wore:  Splits59 Tone Racerback in rose, with Lorna Jane Quick Step bra under.  Lululemon Wunder Under crop in black camo, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in fusion pink/atomic mango.

My newest obsession - Caslon Drape Neck Zip Cardigan as to and from:

Wednesday 7/30
What I did:  Shoulder/tri weights.  I slept in in the morning so I actually went to the gym after work for the first time in ages.  I was supposed to do cardio after weights but I forgot to bring socks to the gym...?!?  Such an amateur move!  I can't do cardio without socks.  It was bad enough to wear my shoes bare foot while doing weights. 

I thought I'd also share my work outfit from the same day because it was pretty comfy too... hehe.  I wore the Esley sheer sleeve blazer of the cheapo H&M print tank which is actually really awesome.  Express tweed corset pencil skirt, and Coach Nala patent pumps.

Thursday 7/31
What I did:  Glute/Back/Bi workout.

What I wore:  Alo Sport Zen Layer Back tank with Lorna Jane Kira bra under.  Lululemon Inspire crop in savasana camo fatigue green, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in fusion pink/atomic mango.

Lorna Jane Willow mesh LS as to and from:

So on Thursday night, my boyfriend took me out for pre-birthday dinner at one of LA's newest and hottest spots called Faith & Flower.  I had been wanting to go there forever!  Literally since before it opened lol.  They had some very interesting things on the menu, and creative drinks!  I decided to go a bit demure so I wore my Express Metallic Herrington tank with 7 For All Mankind burgandy snake print skinny jeans (both items had their tags on still lol) and Sam Edelman Novato pumps.  And of course my Caslon cardigan again!  I've been wearing this thing nonstop haha. 

The details of the top does not show well in the photo above, so here's a close up:

Friday 8/1
What I did:  I took the day off work because it's lame to work on your birthday.  I did my lower body workout combined with my upper body superset workout.  Then I did my one and only cardio session of the week, which was 30 minutes on the gauntlet.  

Subtle animal print on both top and bottom.. hehe...

I did end up wearing my new dress - the Gold Hawk embellished floral dress to my birthday dinner.  But I didn't take a picture of it because we were running late due to really terrible traffic from LA to OC on Friday evening.  Oh well, it looks the same as the picture on the post lol:

Anyways, it's late and I have to unpack still!  Have a good night everyone!

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