Thursday, July 31, 2014

Birthday Dress... I think?

I ordered a deeply discounted Gold Hawk dress on Gilt last week.  It is sparkly and has floral designs on the bottom.  I thought it might do for a birthday dinner outfit.  My birthday is tomorrow, and it kind of snuck up on me this year!  I'm not feeling like doing anything crazy, so I'm just going to go out to dinner with some friends.  Nothing too fancy!  So I wanted something that is sort of low key but stands out a little at the same time.  This one seemed to fit the bill, and the price was great!  $59!  It says retail was $407.

When I saw this dress, all sizes were sold out but size S.  It was "reserved" for the longest time, and I kept clicking "add to cart" lol.  It worked!  I wasn't sure about sizing, but I figure S would most likely be ok.

Well, it arrived and I think the size S is a tad big.  But it's definitely doable.  It looks quite different on me than it does on the model - I thought it would be a fitted style based on the model photos, but it's actually a loose fit in person.  I think even a size down would have been loose fitting.

It's very pretty though.  It is lined, but it also comes with a completely separate slip that you can wear under the dress.  That's kind of cool because I can also wear the slip under other dresses.

I do like the floral design!

So I think I will most likely wear it tomorrow night.  But when I have some time, I might take it to a tailor to see if it can be taken in just a little.  I think it looks a bit too baggy, especially from the side view.  But I will keep the looser fit of the style because I like how easy it is and it will hide flaws even after birthday cakes.  =)  I'm not sure if it can be altered though - the outer mesh material with the beading on it seems really delicate.  So we'll see.

I picked up another skirt for work at the same time - the By TiMo peached silk skirt in "burend rose ruby".  I thought it was rather different from my other work skirts, and it's good to add some variety and pop of color!

When I first took this skirt out of the box, I was quite confused - the description on Gilt states that it is fully lined.  But in fact, it is not at all.  It's just a very thin silk shell which kind of resembles a nighty!  I actually had to double check that I didn't in fact order a nighty.  But then I put it on with shoes and a top, and it actually looks fine I think.  Even though it's not lined, it is not see through at all.  

I also got this skirt in size S.  It fits just about perfectly so I'm happy about that:

There is a back zipper closure:

And after I took these photos, I steamed it - the wrinkles came out very easily since it's silk and very thin.  I actually really like the design of this skirt.  So I will be keeping it!  The price of $189 to $39 is also very tempting.  I just have to make sure that along with being opaque, it won't show the shape of my underwear at any point, since that would be a very bad thing to happen at work.  The color of this skirt is also easier to match than I thought - it will go with any peach or cream colored tops I have.  Also red, white, gray, black, etc.  So lots of choices!  This order is not so bad!  =)

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  1. Happy birthday! Have a great night! Love the dress too!

  2. LOVE the dress! You should definitely keep it. Go to a tailor if you want it to be more fit. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! That's a real pretty dress. :) I was just thinking, you have the perfect figure to carry off a DVF wrap dress or a bandage dress too.

  4. Just reading this post so your birthday has passed but happy late birthday :-))) hope you had a great one!


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