Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Funday!

First week back from vacation!  Well, I thought I'd jump right back into my old workout routine or it would only become harder.  I was not feeling so hot for a few days from the long plane ride, and a good sweating session really helped get rid of the bloat!  Although I had to eat out quite a few times this week so for a while there I thought my body was never going to go back to normal!  But I feel much better today (even after going to a BBQ yesterday!), lol only took a whole week.  I will be extra good next week.  =P

It's amazing how fast your muscles get used to not working out from a short 10 day break.  I went back to the gym on Tuesday morning, and did my regular lower body workout.  I used slightly less weight than I did before my trip, and I started feeling fatigued after only a couple exercises!  Needless to say, I was SO sore for the next 3 days, that I was walking funny.  My butt, thighs and quads were all killing me.  I couldn't even do my usual stairs for cardio!

Monday 8/25 - Rest day, I was slightly jeg lagged maybe.  Or just really tired.  I slept for 10 hours!

Tuesday 8/26
What I did:  Lower body weights.

What I wore:  Splits59 Tone Racerback in mint with Lululemon free to be bra in very green under.  Lululemon Run For Fun crop in paisley embossed, and Nike Free Bionics in purple.

Wednesday 8/27
What I did:  Shoulder/tri followed by 30 minutes of cardio - I had to do the 15% incline interval on the treadmill instead of the gauntlet since my legs were so sore!

Thursday 8/28
What I did:  It was supposed to be glute/back/bi day.  But my glutes were still in super bad shape so I skipped it and only did the back/bi part.  Then I did 30 minutes on 15% incline treadmill again.  

What I wore:  In honor of the new Seawheeze race last weekend lol, I wore my retro stripe multi cool racerback from last year's Seawheeze.  With Lululemon Ebb & Flow crop in black, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in hyper cobalt/bright mango.  I love that these shoes have most of the colors of last year's Seawheeze!

Friday 8/29
What I did:  Lower body day again - I had recovered barely enough for this workout.  I did take it slightly easy too.

Zobha Biker jacket as to and from:

Saturday 8/30 - Rest day

Sunday 8/31
What I did:  My last workout!  Upper body supersets followed by (legs finally recovered!) 30 minutes of gauntlet!

I think that's a pretty successful first week back!  I don't actually mind being sore, since it makes me feel like my workouts are doing something!  Haha!  I hope you all are having a great long weekend!  I plan to do some shopping tomorrow since most stores have Labor Day sales!  Off to get ready for dinner now.  =)

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  1. I am glad that you listened to your body, :D. I also had to adjust my workouts after being away for 10 days. Welcome back! Hope you will score some goodies tomorrow!

  2. Could you please explain what speeds and for how long at each speed you do the 15% incline treadmill? Thanks!

    1. I did one minute fast walk and 45 sec moderate walk intervals for 30 minutes. So for the fast pace, I walk at about 4.8 mph, and for slow pace, about 3.5 mph.

    2. Thanks a lot! I'm gonna try that to spice up my boring cardio life, lol.

    3. You look great! Is the gauntlet the rotating stair machine? What do you do in it for 30 min? Why is better than the treadmill?


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