Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vince Leather Scuba Jacket in Black!

I got a second Vince leather jacket!  I love the first one I got in charcoal (though really looks olive in person) so much that I decided I NEEDED it in black!  I didn't really want to shell out the $995 + tax price tag for it though, so I kept an watchful eye on ebay.  They get listed there once in a while, and normally sell for around 1/3 - 1/2 of retail new with tag.  So I finally got one!  It's not the paper leather version like my charcoal one.  It's thicker and a little more substantial.  The leather has a bit more sheen, but still on the matte side.  Otherwise the design is the same though.  This is the one I got.  I love it!

Yes, I do realize all my jackets are basically the same style - kind of cropped, fitted moto style with the side zipper thing going on.  What can I say... I just love it I guess!  The Vince jacket is kind of like the leather version of my new favorite Caslon cardigans.  :)

The jacket I got on ebay had a slight tear at the end of the zipper pull though, which I of course knew when I bid on it.  After I received it, I took it to Nordstrom to see if they could get it fixed, and they did... for only $10!  They didn't ask for receipt or any kind of proof that it was purchased there.  I happily paid the $10 and have no complaints.  They glued the leather as well as put some reinforcement stitchings on top.  It is the little "X" next to the zipper pull.  You can barely see it in person:

I actually tried this exact jacket on at Nordstrom before I got it.  So I knew what size to get!  It's the same as my other one - XS.  I tried S too, which is way too loose for this style and looks frumpy on me.  This is obviously a shorter jacket and not really meant to be worn in super cold weather.  

Here it is on me:

I like how this leather is thicker so there's more structure to it.  I can actually pop the collar and it would stay up haha.

The pockets are pretty big on this jacket too.

Ribbed side panels which cover the under side of the sleeves too:

I would never wear it like this, but this is what it looks like completely zipped up:

So happy I have now acquired this jacket!  I wish it wasn't 90 degrees here so I can wear it now lol!

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  1. Unf that jacket is beautiful, and perfect on you!! I like your strategy of bidding on a slightly damaged item that can easily be fixed. Most people don't want to go to the trouble so bidding stays low. Nords did a great job! I'll have to keep that in mind if I see leather with a similar issue. I've been wanting a quality leather moto jacket for a long time, so this has re-inspired me...

    1. Hehe... go for it! It's totally worth it to have some quality leather jackets I think! I actually like All Saints leather jackets a lot too, but I think the Vince scuba style is more classic and would go with more things/for more different occasions. Are you looking for a particular brand? I was also surprised that Nordstrom fixed the little tear for so cheap! I actually took the jacket to a Vince store first, and they said they didn't do any repairs but recommended Nordstrom to me lol. I don't have a regular tailor that specializes in leather products, so I think Nordstrom is the best bet - they are used to dealing with this kinda thing since they carry all kinds of leather merchandise! Plus, I figured that if they messed up, they had this exact jacket for sale in the store still and could make it up to me... lol!

      By the way, nice blog! =)

  2. I was just wondering if your Vince black leather jacket has been fading around the neckline and cuffs. I've had mine about 4 times and the due is fading around the neck. I don't wear perfume and I don't wear makeup. I don't wear leave in conditioner or any other hair products. Thanks

    1. I've been wearing my black one almost everyday the past couple weeks, and I don't see any fading... that is very weird that yours is fading! Maybe take it back to where you got it from and see if they can help?


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