Friday, August 29, 2014

Zara Blouse & Sweater

I went to Zara earlier this week when I got bored at work.  It was a very slow week!  I actually wasn't even planning on buying anything because it meant that I'd have to go back to work with a Zara bag lol.  But alas, I bought a blouse and a sweater.  And I went back to work with a Zara bag.  Whatever.

The blouse was bought for work anyways!  It's the Blouse with Contrast Top Stitching.  I could never have enough blouses, especially in a neutral like white/black.  I thought the design was minimalistic and kind of interesting.  I don't like the $69 price tag since it's not a silk shirt.  But the quality looks to be good, and I just got a raise so I talked myself into it.

I got this shirt in size small.  It fits pretty loosely down the body.  But tighter around the chest.  I find that Zara tops and jackets always tend to run smaller around the chest.  They are made for girls with no boobs.  But to be honest, I would not button it all the way to the top anyways so this works for me.  

I like the collar of this shirt.  It's like my favorite Theory Brindan blouse. I like this type of collar because you don't have to worry about how it lays under the jacket.  Here I have it buttoned all the way up under my Theory blazer.  If I change into my suit skirt, I'd look pretty professional!

Here's the close up of the tag:

The sweater I bought is really awesome too.  It is the Cut Work Knit T-Shirt.  It looks like a regular thin black sweater from the front:

But the back has a little extra something!

Oh, you can't see it?  Lol.  It has elbow patches!!!  I am obsessed with elbow patches.

The elbow patch is pretty subtle since it is black on black.  The store also had this sweater in tan and navy/white stripe and those have black elbow patches as well which are way more obvious.  But I just felt like a black one.

This sweater is very soft and the fit is very casual.  It's a size S and that is the smallest size it comes in.  I think it's quite popular because this was the only size S left in the store I went to.  The price is quite amazing at only $19!  I already wore it yesterday.  Super comfy!

Here's how it looks from the side... very relaxed fit:

The shoulder seam is dropped, I think this design is pretty popular nowadays:

The Zara website only has the gray one with black elbow patches.  They didn't have this one in my store (or maybe it was sold out).  It's nice, I might have preferred it over the black.  But I'd actually just get multiple colors in this sweater!

Not bad for a lunch time walk down the street!  It's too convenient.  Next time, I will bring my car keys with me so that after I shop I can drop off the bag in my car before heading back to work!  =P

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