Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Happy Sunday everyone!  My mom was in town this weekend, so things were a little hectic for me.  She brought me my birthday present, which is this little robotic vacuum lol.  I have no idea why she did that because I have a nice Dyson vacuum (which I probably don't use as often as I should).  It's kinda fun to watch this little robot running around.  It even knows to return to its charging station after it's done!  How cute.

This week was a bit different for me.  I had to be at work around 6 am, so I couldn't make it to the gym beforehand since my gym only opens at 5.  I usually get to the gym before 5:15 am and I can barely make it out of there by 7 am (that's when I'm supposed to be at work lol).  I hadn't been to the gym after work in the longest time, and I was reminded of why I hated it!  There are some real annoying guys there that I hadn't seen and had totally forgotten about for months.  Like dude #1 is super awkward and tries to talk to me every time he sees me... but just stands there in silence after "hi".  I feel kind of bad for him, but omg go away if you have nothing to say lol!  Dude #2 is kind of similar but way worse... he does nothing but walking in front of wherever I am while trying to make eye contact, and sometimes he even steals my bench with my sweaty towel on it when I happen to walk away for a minute.  Seriously, he's gross.  Dude #3 wants to workout with me... when he is not there with his girlfriend.  He stalks me on Instagram too.  Then there are random other ones who like to tell me what's going on in their lives even though I don't even know them, or asking me things about my life that I have no interest in sharing.  Of course, there are also lots of co-workers that go to the same gym after work, who I really would rather not see or be seen by.  So, one week of going to the gym after work has completely reminded me of why it's worth it to get up at 4 am for the gym.  The people who are always there in mornings are a lot less... sociable (or socially-challenged?).

Aside from the hiccup in my schedule, my workouts this week were also quite different from normal.  I had bought some pilates classes which are expiring soon, so I took 2 pilates classes this week.  I also had a training session with one of my gym trainers who I am thinking of training with a couple times a month.  I like his style of high intensity circuit work.  It's so different to have someone else there pushing you as well!

Oh yeah, also no "to and from"s this week since I went to the gym after work - it's been almost 90 degrees everyday here.  The only time that I sort of need a "to and from" piece is when I leave the house at 4:30 am.

Monday 8/4
What I did:  Lower body weights, followed by 30 minutes of cardio intervals on the gauntlet.

What I wore:  Lululemon 105 F Singlet in bruised berry with Lorna Jane Portia bra in hyper lime under.  Athleta Chaturanga capri in purple plaid, and Nike Free Bionics in purple/volt.

This was super matchy!  The LJ bra and Nike shoe laces are identical in color...

Tuesday 8/5
What I did:  Pilates class - it was such a tough one too!  Worked on my glutes a lot.

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Feline tank in viola (I think this is my favorite tank I've bought in a long time) with Lorna Jane Somersault bra under it.  Lululemon Wunder Groove crops and I wore my printed Nike Free 3.0s to class.

Wednesday 8/6
What I did:  Glute/Back/Bi workout.

Straps of the bra is the same shade as the tank too.  =)

Thursday 8/7 - Rest

Friday 8/8
What I did:  Training session with the trainer.  We did 4 sets of high intensity circuit work.  Then I threw in another 30 minutes of cardio afterwards.  


Saturday 8/9 - Rest day, had to pick up mom in the morning.

Sunday 8/10
What I did:  Pilates class again.

Wow these posts are so short when I don't have any to and from outfits!  And work outfits for that matter too.  But anyway... I hope you all had a great weekend, and a great week to come!


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  1. I have been reading your blog for over a year and always look forward to it every Monday morning. I am not sure if you realize this, but your comments about the guys at your gym is downright mean and superficial (sorry, really couldn't find a more appropriate term).

    1. I'm surprised that you feel that way. I thought creepy, unwanted attention was a common occurrence at gyms for almost every female, and there was nothing wrong in pointing out that it makes me not want to go to the gym at that time. I guess I am/was pretty fed up with these particular individuals since they kept up their strange behavior for months and months repeatedly, after I politely declined their "friendship" from the start. When I'm at the gym, I have a plan and it is not a sociable time for me (maybe some people are different). I actually think that it is a form of harassment when someone won't leave you alone after being told to many times already (both verbally and in action such as simply giving them a half smile while walking away from them). Especially when someone is doing things such as taking and actually using your used towel at the gym, it is not only shocking, but also unhygienic. Also, if a guy that regularly goes to your gym with his girlfriend asks you to hang out with him during the times that his girlfriend is not there (while eyeing you in a creepy way), would you actually think that he deserves any kind of respect? I don't go out of my way to be "mean" to them, unless mentioning it here qualifies. But I'm also not going to be friendly with them - in fact, my best solution is to go at a different time and avoid them.

    2. I agree with you 100%. When I go to the gym I literally put my earbuds in and ignore people if they try to make eye contact with me. Some guys don't get the hint!

    3. Anoymous - I don't think you understand some of the issues girls face at the gym if you think her comments are mean or superficial. I have had to "protect" myself at the gym and the driving range from creeps. They don't get the hint, and they certainly do NOT back off. (Some of them take a flat out "go away" as a challenge). While some of the are creepy from a distance...others make it difficult and awkward when you are clearly not interested. Like the blogger, I'm not interested and me being at the gym does NOT mean I want your number. I have to have my headphones in and look at the floor....I'll even have my headphones in if the shuffle/iPhone is dead....just to get them off my back.

      It's worse when I'm at the driving range. I have to get flat out mean with people because being nice doesn't make them go away....which is sad. I don't get issues at the gym because I have been lifting forever, but I can't go to the driving range without some random guy trying to talk to me or give me golf tips. Politely telling them I'm working with a coach and being short with them doesn't work. I have to go to the "closed" instructor stalls to get far enough away from the guys...and even after that, they'll still go out of their way to "conveniently" park their golf bag in the stall next to mine. It's unwanted and it's not right. I completely emphasize with her and any other lady when they are there to train. You are not alone and some of it is borderline harassment. I made a complaint at my driving range asking for female only stalls. They said they completely understood my situation, but there was nothing they could do since it was at a national park. It would be an equal opportunity violation that favored one form of discrimination and not the other. One of the female instructors told me I have to just be a b**ch. I'm a Marine Corps Officer....I'm used to dealing with bullshit and having to be a b**ch at work, but it completely sucks that you cannot just relax in peace when you are trying to train. LOL...sorry that was a big rant. You really hit a personal pet peeve!

    4. By the way, my personal favorite awkward moments are when the guys try to park their weights right in front of me. I'm obviously trying to use the mirror in the big wide open space yet they think it is ok to stand directly in front of me so I have to look as their ass as they flex their biceps.

      Best story ever...I was at the base gym in Djibouti, Africa. This gym was especially bad on douche bag behavior because the service members have nothing else better to do than wouldn't be that bad except they hang out in large packs taking photos of each other for their instagram posts. We didn't have big wall mirrors....just these small narrow mirrors sprinkled around the gym (no more than 3-4 ft wide). I was using one from a distance for doing clean to press to check my form (I didn't want my knees caving in and causing an injury). This guy, no crap, walks right up to the mirror I'm using and does kissy faces while flexing his biceps (seriously, no more than 1 ft away from the mirror). My blood boiled because I was just tired of all of the arrogant attitude. I yelled over to him, "if you are going to just flex your muscles and make kissy faces, can do it somewhere else?!?" There was an "oooh" followed by laughter by other guys...I never saw a guy turn red and run out of a gym so fast. Hahaha....

    5. It's not the nature of the post that came across as offensive. I totally understand that these things happen at the gym, and I have personally experienced myself. It's really referring to the men who may be too shy, or just don't care to socialize as "socially challenged." That to me, was really unnecessary. I have male friends who are totally normal and don't exhibit creepy behaviors, but have been made fun of and ridiculed by women who think they're better than them. I guess I really would have liked some humility and kindness.

  2. I don't find it mean or offensive in any way. I work at a gym and have experienced the discomfort and annoyance of this firsthand but have witnessed it happening to others almost daily. I have felt that it can cross over to the harassment side pretty easily. I appreciate your honest in your post and find it relatable rather than superficial.

  3. I relate with you 100%. I don't have time to chat when I train. I've been going to the same gym for 5 years like you I love going in the mornings. No one bothers you and most people are there to do the same thing as you. When I have to go at night it's a nightmare. Guys are pervs, some try to get your attention by getting close to you or even by attempting to jump in with you in the same machine when there are two other machines that are clearly empty. It's annoying for me and I teach/pt at that gym.

  4. I'm not sure why anyone would be offended by your comments. I've read your blog for years and this has been one of my favorite posts to date.

    I too can relate when lifting in the free weight area, so much so I joined an all women's gym. The weight selection is definitely lacking, but I can at least workout in a stress-free environment. No matter how hard I practiced my resting b-face, wore headphones, dressed down, etc. guys always found an excuse to chat or get in my personal space. I don't have time for those interruptions. Ew and using your used towel?? Jeez, that's a new low of gross.

  5. I completely agree with mysuperficialendeavor's post. The one thing that annoys me is that some of these guys think that just because I am dressed up in cute clothes - that this is an invitation for ogling, inappropriate comments, etc. I am dressed up for myself!! It motivates me to go to the gym, it is not an attempt to impress them! One of my friends even suggested being less I don't want to wear a baggy cotton t-shirt - I'm going to wear my lulu tanks, go to the gym, feel good myself while working out, and shouldn't have to be subjected to repeated advances.

    1. Yeah I agree, it's not an option to dress less cute just to avoid them lol.

  6. This is also one of my favorite blog posts to date because I like how the author is bringing attention to this type of behavior. I agree 100% with the author's sentiments about being creeped on in the gym. I work out at a nice gym and pay hefty monthly membership fees. However, I rarely like to go without my husband because I get harassed by some of the guys. They constantly want to correct my form by touching me and it is such an invasion of personal space. Even when I have headphones on to block any potential talking, I've had guys ask me what I'm listening to and one guy even reached over and grabbed my headphone from my ear so I could apparently hear him better. I also had one guy try to massage me while I was using the foam rollers on my sore back!

    I would be curious to know whether this ever happens to guys working out at the gym. A lot of relationship books for women advise that potential dates can be found at the gym, bookstores, grocery stores, etc. I wonder if women at the gym ever get in the way of guys working out with unwanted flirting, lingering, etc.

    Either way, for me, it is good to read social behaviors. If someone has headphones on or is not returning small talk, then it is probably a safe bet that he or she does not want to meet new friends.


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