Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Funday!

This week was amazing because my condo sale has been finalized and I've entered into escrow!!!  It happened SUPER fast!  Exactly one week from the day we listed it.  I mentioned in the last Sunday Funday post, but we listed it in the afternoon of my birthday which was Thursday 8/1.  Then we had an open house on Friday 8/2, and Sunday 8/4.  We had 30 people show on Friday and 50 people show on Sunday, which is more than I thought.  The buyer that I've entered escrow with actually showed up to the open house on Friday, and then took her parents with her to see it again on Sunday.  After the 2 open houses, we began receiving offers and never had another open house.  We had a little bidding war going on for a couple days earlier this week, and she eventually came out on top with 35k above asking price (highest price in my condo building in the last 3 years or something) and something like 60% down payment, and unconditional financial support from her parents who have a lot of money.  I figure the chances of her falling out of escrow is probably lower than the next runner up who had less down payment and no financial help from her family.  I felt bad for her though!  Because she is how I would be if I were to buy another place.  I don't have enough cash to put down 60%.  My parents would help me if I need it, but it's not like they are so loaded that it would make any difference.  But... as a seller, the other girl just seems more attractive and the last thing I want is for my place to fall out of escrow and have to do this all over again.  The real estate market still has some momentum now with low supply and interest rates are still low.  That could change any minute!  So I really need my place to sell.  The next couple weeks will be very crucial as they perform inspections and work with their bank to get her loan approved.  Fingers crossed that everything will go well!  But yay for not having to keep doing open houses!  Haha.

Aside from that exciting news, I went to my friend Dawn's NPC Orange County Classic show last night.  Dawn used to be my early morning workout buddy a few years ago when we went to the same gym!  She has also been training with the same online trainer as me - in fact, I found him through her!  It was her first competition, and also my first time going to a bodybuilding show!  It was so interesting, and a lot longer than I thought it would last!  It was men first, then ladies, so total was about 2.5 hours.  A lot of muscle head types in the audience lol.  Dawn looked great!!  She placed 4th in her masters 35+ category (though she doesn't look a day over 30!), which is super awesome, especially for her first show!  SO proud of her!  I think most people don't realize how much hard work in the gym AND in the kitchen you have to do, for MONTHS prior to the competition, to achieve something like this.

Not that she didn't look good before, but here is a picture showing her 6 months of transformation.  She wasn't one of those people that this just magically happened to after a couple weeks - this is solid hard work for 6 months!  Yay, she did it!  Isn't it motivating??  Did I mention that she's also a mother with a full time job??

Pic from trainer's facebook page


Ok, fun stuff aside... As for myself, I spent all week recovering from my birthday weekend calorie splurge in Palm Springs lol.  But now I feel better and I think I'm beginning to see more definition in my abs.  I think I am also a slow progress maker.  Building muscle does not come easily to me at all, so I have to work extra hard for it.  Boooo...

Monday 8/5
What I did:  Weights, lower body.  Usually I don't do any cardio after lower body weights, but last week my trainer changed my cardio days from 3 to 4 days a week so I decided to do it on Monday.  I like to get them out of the way early just in case stuff comes up later on in the week.  Besides, I took Monday off work, so I had plenty of time at the gym.  I took a 45 min spin class after weights.

What I wore:  Oh, I'm so proud of my matchy matchy outfit!  LOL!  I wore the Lorna Jane Macy Excel tank in bluebell, with Victoria's Secret supermodel cami sports bra in sweetest orange under it.  Paired with Lululemon Ebb & Flow crop in deep indigo, and perfectly matching Nike Frees in violet/orange!

This shirt's material and open-back style are perfect for spin class!  I also cannot say enough good things about this bra.

Tuesday 8/6
What I did:  Shoulders & triceps, followed by my MIIT on the treadmill.  I can't read anymore since I now have to keep adjusting my speed all the time.  I'm doing 60 seconds hard and 45 seconds moderate speed for 30 minutes straight.  

What I wore:  Lululemon Practice Freely tank in lavender dusk with Lululemon Run Passion crop in power purple, and same Nike Free shoes again!  I love them.  I can't believe that I've had the Passion crops since 2009... wear the heck out of them and they are still going strong.  This is old school Lululemon.

Work outfit from same day - Express studded portofino shirt, with Tahari ASL button skirt and BCBGMaxAzria Peacock pumps!  I love these military-inspired shirts.

Wednesday 8/7
What I did:  3rd day of weights, back and bi.  Followed by what was originally supposed to be 30 minutes of the gauntlet.  But I was only able to do 15 minutes and then my realtor called to discuss our counter offering situation so I had to bail early.  I am slightly OCD so this makes me very unhappy.  I almost went home and finished the cardio at the gym in my building.  But then I figured 30 minutes of cardio should really be 30 minutes straight and not two 15 minute sessions!

Thursday 8/8 - Rest day from the gym.  But here's my work outfit - another military inspired look!  I got this new shirt from Ruelala - Craig Taylor Piper shirt in "it's all about olive".  I actually really love this shirt - it is semi-sheer so you have to wear a cami under.  But it fits very well (size small), and I love the gold buttons on this beautiful olive color.  Ruelala was selling this shirt for only $39, but it is on sale right now on Craig Taylor's website for $95, down from $190.  Still pretty pricey.  I wore it with Express Zip Back studio stretch pencil skirt (with gold zipper all the way down the back that matches the gold buttons of the shirt!), and the Donald J Pliner Pausha pumps in army green color also from Ruelala a while ago.  And of course my new Balanciaga City bag completes the look!

Friday 8/9
What I did:  Lower body weights again.  I was going to make up for my cardio session from Wednesday, but I could only do 15 minutes once again because I ran out of time and had to be somewhere lol.  So annoying!!

What I wore:  Lole Guell tank in banana square with Beyond Yoga gathered legging in mojave.  Apparently I'm still feeling the army green color from Thursday.  Nike Frees in gray/crimson.

Saturday 8/10
What I did:  Upper body supersets, and then I did my proper 30 minutes of cardio!  On the gauntlet!  Alternated between level 14 and level 6.

What I wore:  So I bought the Lorna Jane Mosaic full length tight a while ago but haven't worn them because it's been so hot here and I don't want to wear full length tights!  But I have been dying to try them out!  So I decided to just fold up the hem and make them into crops!  I paired them with Lululemon electric orange cool racerback, and new Lorna Jane Duo bra in yves blue.  It's exactly the same color as my Nike Frees!  So I wore them again.

So I pulled up the bottom of the tights to right under my knee, and then folded over them.  I left a little bit peaking through and I think it's kind of cute that way!  You can't really tell they've been folded up, and the Lorna Jane logo on the lower calve disappears under the fold.

I love these tights, they are super comfy and so cute!  I think Lorna Jane black label is definitely superior.  The seams in these are flat locked and thus, did not scratch me or make marks on my skin.  They were great.  I can't get over how cute the mosaic detail looks!

This is my outfit from last night - I am super excited, because I finally fit into my Express stella coated jeggings in black glitter!  I actually forgot I even had them, because I bought them a long time ago and they were just a bit too tight in the waist.  I liked them too much to return them so I kept them around all this time with the tags still on!  But yesterday I pulled them out and they now fit perfectly!!  SO EXCITING!!!  lol.... I'm easily pleased.  They look so cool in person though - you can probably see some of the small glitter in this picture, but in person they shimmer and at the same time rather subtle.  They are super comfy too.  I went simple on top, with just a violet color ribbed racerback tank, and the G by guess Devin cutout tee over it.  I wore my Modern Vintage wedge sandals that make me 6 inches taller, and my new Balanciaga purse that I'm obsessed with.

Sunday 8/11
What I did:  I played tennis for 2 hours!  With the ball machine.  I'm improving a lot thanks to it.  I love it!

What I wore:  This is SO nostalgic, because I re-created the Lululemon color palette from spring 2010 lol.  Yes, this may sound a little weird, but I had fun doing it!  That color palette was bold blue, senorita pink, and faded zap.  Unfortunately the only senorita pink tank I have is the Hot Class tank, but I didn't feel like wearing it.  So I wore the pinkalicious cool racerback... close enough!  I wore my faded zap Free To Be bra under it, even though this bra is from the more recent run of this color, but it's the same color regardless.  And my bold blue checkered print Leader of the Track skirt.  I also wore my Brooks Pure Drift shoes but changed the shoe laces from white to pink to match the tank!  These shoe laces came with the shoes along with the white ones, but this is the first time I've actually switched them into the pink ones!

See, the zipper pull on the skirt is senorita pink!

And to complete the outfit - I knew I would be out late and may need something long sleeve, so I pulled out my oldie but goodie - the Brisk Run in bold blue!  This was my very first running luon long sleeve top from Lululemon.  The thumbhole trim is faded zap, if you can see... how cute is that!

I love the back of this pullover...

Ok, that was my entertainment of the day lol.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I wish I had another day off, as usual!


  1. Congrats on your condo being in escrow!

  2. Congrats on the sale of your condo!

    Wow, your friend is so inspiring. She looks amazing.


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