Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Oh my gosh, what a long week this was!!!  I feel like so much has happened that it has to have been longer than 1 week!  On Tuesday, my condo was staged and I'm quite happy with the job the stager did!  I think she maximized use of the space and put in some really nice looking furniture and art work. It's silly that people looking to buy a place should look at how it is decorated, but that is how it works with most people so I think there is definitely value added from making it look as nice as it can.  So the next day, my realtor did all the paperwork and everything she needed to do to get it on the market, and on Thursday it was listed!  Everything happened super fast, and in the meantime I wiped down and cleaned as much as I could, even polishing my stainless steel appliances lol!  Btw, I googled this and learned that olive oil works great for this!

Friday was the first open house, and today was the second one.  I guess the turnout was pretty good - we had about 30 people show on Friday and 50 show today.  I don't really know how the real estate market has been lately, but that's more than I expected!  She says the responses have been positive, so we'll see if we get any formal offers!

I just got back from Palm Springs a little while ago.  I went there for an overnight trip because it was my big 3-0 on Thursday, so I went to celebrate with some friends.  It was pretty hot there!  But we got a cabana so we spent pretty much all day by the pool without getting burned, and I got some much needed R&R from the hectic week!

I must say though, this whole birthday thing is really not good for the diet!  I had Chilean sea bass one night and ahi tuna steak on another, so not as bad as it could have been!  I did get this (and finished it) as a birthday gift though:

That was good stuff!  No hangover at all!  :)

All the desserts I had were just complimentary ones from different restaurants.  One of my friends liked to tell everybody we ran into that it was my birthday, so I got more desserts than I wanted lol.  So I think I will be super good starting tomorrow, and get back into the groove of things.

Monday 7/29
What I did:  Lower body weights.

What I wore:  Lole Fly tank in fusion coral and Lululemon lab perennial tight in coal with my new favorite shoes lol, the Nike Frees in gray/crimson.  Love how bright the laces are!

Tuesday 7/30
What I did:  Upper body weights, tris and shoulder.

What I wore:  Lululemon No Limit tank in white/light gray pique, and matching wunder under crops!  Same shoes again!

For work on the same day, I took out something I hadn't worn in a while - the Express colorblock 2-in-1 dress with Vince Camuto Jiris sandals:

Wednesday 7/31
What I did:  I had my biweekly checkin with my trainer.  He changed my training a little bit.  Slightly different weight exercises, and 4 30-minute interval cardio sessions instead of 3 30-minute MISS (moderate intensity steady state) sessions.  So Wednesday was the first time I had done my MIIT cardio session right after biceps and back.  

Thursday 8/1 - Rest day, but I went to work.  It was the day I turned 30 so I felt like an all-black mourning outfit lol.  I wore my Express bateau neck ruched sleeve sweater and Express wide waistband editor pant.

For dinner though, I went more vibrant with my French Connection multi jag stripe dress!  I thought it went very well with my Marc Jacobs Ashley handbag, and Modern Vintage wedge sandals.  I went to this great seafood restaurant called the Water Grill.  They actually served me a piece of Chilean sea bass that was raw and still kind of cold in the middle.  So I sent it back and they freaked out trying to make me happy the rest of the night.  I got complimentary shrimp platter and dessert on top of a brand new piece of fish, and I didn't even tell them it was my birthday!  I like that they totally took care of their mistake though, so I will continue going back there in the future!  Though it is definitely a wallet-draining place!

Friday 8/2
What I did:  Lower body weights, followed by my MIIT session.

Saturday 8/3
What I did:  I got up at 7 am and went to the gym before heading out to Palm Springs.  Yep, I'm hardcore like that lol.  I did my upper body supersets followed by another 30 minute MIIT session.

What I wore:  Lululemon swiftly tank in pink mist, with new Mod Moves crop in afterglo, and Brooks Pure Drift shoes again.

For my Saturday night dinner outfit in Palm Springs, I went a little simple and wore Express sequin and lace racerback tank with Express diagonal stripe knit mini skirt.  I wore my Modern Vintage wedge sandals again because they seem to match everything in my closet!  

I guess I am getting old, because after being in the sun all day and one drink at dinner, I was pretty beat!  Needless to say, not much happened afterwards, and I got to sleep in this morning!

I am so glad I had the foresight to take tomorrow off work, so I can relax and just go workout!  Who knows, maybe I'll hear good news tomorrow from my realtor.  Fingers crossed!!!  It will be such a load off once it is sold!


  1. Hi! I also rdered my second pair of Mod Moves Crops in afterglow! I love my first pair so much. I received them in mail and was wondering if you noticed the black showing through on the waistband in the front and back.... My other pair in zippy green has some white on the waistband and is lacking the second layer in some places. For some reason, the black showing through the pink looks a little dirty. Just wondering if you noticed this on your pair too or if mine is defective. Thanks!!

    1. I think I know what you are talking about because you can see the color differences in my older pair with white on the waistband. But I do not see any color showing through on the pink ones though.

  2. I got the Mod Moves crops in the afterglow too. Thanks for posting it. I ran with it today and loved it!

  3. i've honestly never noticed this before but that champagne bottle certainly looks like, ahem a male organ, i wonder if that was deliberate. another reason to celebrate! lol


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